Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kenyan Way - Long Run - 14 Miles - FAIL!

After all the torrential rain we've had the past few days its no wonder that the air was especially horrid this morning...

At 6am start it was 81 deg and 97% humidity.  Recipe for disaster if you didnt do everything to prepare.  Which I didnt.

Here is what I ate on Friday:  breakfast taco at breakfast, salad at lunch with some tuna and for dinner a smoothie.  I didnt drink a lot of water either.  I dont know what I was thinking.

Anyway, I ran 2 miles before the start with Crystal; way too fast.  Then the first 3 miles out of the box with Brenda I knew I was in trouble (too fast)...My legs just were dead.  I trudged on up to about the 3.75 mile mark of the route and turned around.  By the time I got back to base I was at 9 miles, but I was dying today.  I was losing so much water and the S!Caps werent providing any relief.  I even had to walk more than I cared to.  At base, after Gatorading up, I took off and did 2 1-mile loops and called it a day.

I thought about running a second time today to get the full 14 miles, but after everyone suggesting that I not, and even some of the better runners in town having the same issues, I felt better about what happened out there.  Not that I would have been able to run anyway, as I just got home...

I had to drive out to SLand for a hair appointment (nice and newly blond again!), then from there I had to drive out to Kingwood to the nursing home to visit mom and ended up staying later than I thought as my sister had things to do and I needed to be there to help her eat (meaning I fed her) her dinner.

The back of course gave me no issues, other than when I had to sit in the car driving or sitting while my hair was being done.  Tomorrow morning is yoga at 9:30 and I plan to get a couple of miles in as well.  Then its out bar hopping with some of the girls before hitting up Freedom Fest for the concerts, the food, and fantastic fireworks over the bayou!!

I will regroup this week and next weekend will be better prepared for the 15 miles on the schedule.  :o)  Then the mileage really starts going up...seems like I have been at 12-15 miles long runs forEVAH!


Lauren said...

I agree with your friends that if the run isn't working just try again another day! You're doing such a great job :D

Bert said...

Under these ultra-tough conditions it is sometimes better to concentrate on the overall time spent running rather than the actual mileage, so if you go a bit slower than planned, that's ok. You're doing great!