Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Started my run at about 7:30
Temp: 83
Humidity: 75
Index: 88

This is why I hate running in the morning, but since I had an extra day off...the humidity is just so high!  I almost lost my shorts a few times due to the weight of them with lost water from my body.  Yeah they're a tad too big on me but still.

I also opted not to carry the CamelBak as I didnt need the extra weight on my back, so I carried the AmphiPod which is about 16oz, much better than the FuelBelt 10oz'er.  I really concentrated on my form making sure not to slump forward and all was well.  No issues with the back, which of course hasnt been an issue when running anyway :o)

I did 7/1's today.  Just to keep the heart rate down which really helped too.  I also took some advice to really slow it down as my goal pace for Chicago is just under 10:00 miles, so I need to make sure and do the whole 30-45 sec slower thing.

Mission accomplished.

Average paces were between 10:16 (fastest) and 10:51 (slowest; first mile; not surprised as I was a bit apprehensive).

Glad to have a good 6 miles under my belt already for the day...now to get some pool time in before we get socked with rain rain rain again...I hate hurricane/tropical storm season...

P.S.  And to all you northeast folks out there...welcome to our world.  Heat wave indeed ;o)

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Bert said...

Interesting how everyone from Ontario on down the east coast is chirping about the heat. As you say, welcome to our world! HTFU and start running. These morning runs are brutal.