Saturday, July 10, 2010

Redemption Run - 15 miles - Solid

After last weeks long run debacle, I really needed today to go well.  I fueled well yesterday, both with food and water, and feeling better about the injury with my lower back, I felt rather confident for today, but then you just never know till you actually put rubber to the road.

I started at about 4:55am ... and am still amazed at how many people are starting so early these Saturday mornings, but I got in 5 easy miles before the group start, with a bit of time to go to the bathroom, take 2 S!Caps, and drink my Gatorade Prime.

I started again with the 4:30 group to keep myself at a slower pace for the first half of the run, but ran at the front of that pack.  I have found myself right smack dab in between my faster friends and my slower friends...what this provides for me is NEW FRIENDS!  :)  My goal today was to run MY training pace...and not someone elses.  Amazing how that works out so well.

By the time we got to Rice (8.5 miles for me at this point) I was feeling great and knew that today was going to be much better than last week...heck it was already...I took a gel at 7 miles and again at 12.5 miles.  The banana I had on the drive over was long gone!  What sucked was right at about that 12.5 miles my tum-tum started giving me fits!  And we had passed the last porta potty that I knew of and I began looking to my left and right at each cross street looking for a construction site porta potty...nothing...I was about to poo my pants!  ha!  Thankfully right before we got to Peden, I noticed the little laundromat there and that the door looked ajar.  Score!!  I turned left and ran right through the laundromat.  Nirvana!

I ended up negative splitting, running the entire way...nothing close to what happened last week.  15 solid miles at 10:36 average pace.  Right on target for training pace.

Next weekend is a cut back week, then we start bumping up the mileage...11 more Saturdays...11 more Saturdays...11 more Saturdays...

Too bad I cant be a lazy bum the rest of the day...working this weekend at Luke's Locker!  6 hours today, 3 least I can make my own hours working part time there!


Bert said...

Good going - really solid effort under these extreme conditions! We were at Luke's Locker on Saturday for a car seat cover, Clif Shot Bloks and BodyGlide. Now there's a REAL runner's shopping list for you...

Junie B said...

I didnt get there till just before noon...were you at the one on West Gray? I actually ended up going in just past noon on Sunday too. Will be there every Saturday this month!