Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hodge Podge

  • Pouring down thunderstorms today (which was forecasted so I had the gym bag), so it was 7 miles on the treadmill.  Yes, I'm still alive.  I did not die from boredom; almost though.
  • When I run it is the ONLY time I have zero pain in my back.
  • I was busy today at work, therefore water intake and getting up from my desk to walk every hour took a back seat.  I didnt have too much of side effects to the back because of it.  Only once or twice did I feel more pain than I have been.
  • I have mastered remembering to squat down for items on the floor if need be instead of bending over. 
  • HARRA has opened up the link to apply for a guaranteed entry into the Houston Marathon.  The stipulations are there in black and white.  I ended up with something like 43 points.  Thankfully I have run a lot of sanctioned races over the past few years and maintained my HARRA status since 2006 (except for one year because I forgot).  My volunteer efforts scored some points as well.  I feel pretty good about my chances of securing one of the 450 spots to run Houston in January without having to enter the lottery.  Yay!
  • First real day of PT starts tomorrow.  Excited.
  • On a more personal note, I always try to be nice about things, even when sometimes it means that I might not be entirely truthful.  I dont always succeed; seems like someone will always find a way to take offense...but still I try.  What I wish is that others did the same thing.  When I am not entirely truthful, it bothers me...and it piles up.  This is not good for me.  I think from now on, I am just going to be upfront and honest about things because why should I sugarcoat to spare someones feelings when everyone else (it seems) doesnt care to return that kind of compassion?  
  • I'm laying off of Facebook for a while.  I might comment here or there, who knows.  Maybe not.  Twitter is still on though.  The friends I have on there have been my friends for a very long time, and I can speak my mind without being judged.  Thats how true friends act.
  • I'm hungry.  Smoothie time.
  • Oh and I saw Knight and Day on Tuesday.  As cuckoo as Tom Cruise is he still makes one heck of an action movie.  I liked it a lot.  Worth my $8.
  • A LOT of GREAT looking movies coming out in the next several months...a Disney film about Secretariat ranks high on my list of must see, along with this Matt Damon movie (cant remember the name right now) about how all of our lives are 'planned' out...and to alter that...the consequences.  Reminds me a bit of the movie Sliding Doors (that I love) but much more intriguing...


Mel said...

Let me know how PT goes. Hope you get a spot in Houston!

I'm not on Twitter, but if you ever need to talk, i'm just an email away!

Mel said...
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Junie B said...

i know are like one of the peeps NOT on there that SHOULD be ;) but we've covered that in email already ! ;)

K said...

Praying your PT goes well! Hear ya on the FB thing. It's a bad drug that I wish I didn't have to be on. It does a lot to keep me in touch with the kids from my youth group, my own kids, and many friends. The occasional dork does get through though and it makes me crazy, especially when I am related to one of them! LOL

Looking forward to a day when we can meet in person perhaps!