Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crunch Time - Day Two

OK, so the whole set the alarm thing for 5am to run 3 miles before work didnt work out so well.  LOL. 

I mean the clock did its job by abiding by my instruction to go off at 5am, but as I was turning it off, I said, to the clock, and yes for realz out loud, 'yeah. no.'  LOL!   Rolled right back over and slept till 5:45. 

I was poop a dooped.

However, I did make it to the gym on my lunch (also planned) and walked on the treadmill for 45 min at a 2 incline.  So I had treadmill for lunch.  Yay.  I honestly should do that more often...

Oh and some roasted new potatoes w/ a few (and I mean a FEW) scattered roasted veggies.  Followed up just now by a teeny tiny scoop of Cookies and Cream ice cream with a tidge of whip cream and roughly 10 plain m&m's on top.


So now I am 25min away from a 4 mile progressive run on the treadmill...I'm not so mad about missing my goal to run 3 before  Its a cut back week....Man I am using that a lot this week.   :o)

2 out of 3 for the day?  That's a win.


Maureen said...

I can never get up and do my mileage before work... like you, I'd be getting up around 5 if not before. I'm SO not a morning person :)

Junie B said...

i tried again this morning.

same result.


Thats why i run AFTER work (even if it is insanely hot!); just this week has presented challenges. oh well, today is the last day i have to be all over the place!