Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday: ran at 9am...not so smart...but in 4 miles and then off to work at Luke's again.

6 more days till I have a day off!!! Don't feel too sorry for me, the extra days/hours are self-induced to pad the bank account with extra dollars while I have the opportunity...speaking of which I need to email them my availability for August...

After that 16 miles on Saturday and then working on my feet for almost 7 hours there...that's not gonna happen again...well it will this coming Saturday as I have 17 miles to do, but not in August! No way no how! My runs will be 20+ every other weekend and I am NOT working after those!!!

I am sooooooo behind on reading blogs...I dont read them over the weekend and on Mondays all the catch up is crazzy!!!

I leave you with this...because tonight is Lady GaGa and I couldn't be more excited!!!! I will have pictures of our outfits sometime later in the week!!!!!!!!!!! I swear when she does 'Teeth' tonight I am going to go nuts!!!!!!!!

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