Thursday, July 29, 2010

Speedy Gonzales

Wednesdays on the schedule are not only a moderately 'long' run, but they also incorporate some sort of speed work.  Let me tell you, this girl doesn't like marathon speed work because what that means is that you are looking at mile repeats, threshold pace or tempo runs.  Sigh.  At least with speed work in the Spring you are doing repeats of MUCH shorter distances...manageable distances, not to mention the fact its not 90-100 degrees outside.

So the schedule yesterday called for 8 miles with 3x1.5 miles at 8:45/8:51 with a 4mr in between.  This actually aggravated me more than anything because well a) its 90-100 deg outside AND you want me to run additional mileage as well?  Good God who ARE you?  I call you CrazyCoach.  :o)

So I thought ok, how can I alter this to make it 'manageable' for someone like me?  I mapped out a 7 mile route, with the last 2 miles being as straight of a shot as possible and on pavement as much as possible (since the route was Rice/Hermann).

Well halfway around Hermann after I stopped for water at what turned out to be a BROKEN water fountain, a couple of Roadrunners passed me and I fell in behind...before I realized what had happened I had turned on the path instead of going straight up Cambridge.  This now meant that my route was going to be 8 miles.  

So after 6 miles (10:18 avg pace) which ended up being thankfully just past a water fountain around Rice, I took a short break to rinse off and 'adjust' before starting the 7th I went.

I have to mention that I was advised to set my Garmin to read lap pace instead of actual pace, which helped A LOT.  I was able to see what my mile was going to come in at based on my speed at any given moment.  I pushed until I at least got it just past a 9 min mile as I was going to be ok with that. 

Mile 7:  9:06

This put me basically at the corner of Shepherd and Bissonett where I walked it out for the 4 min in the corner store parking lot.  The sweat was just POURING out of me...I knew that if I could just come in at that pace or slightly over/under I would be happy.  I didnt ever think for one moment I was going to get close to what I was supposed to run them at.  Once I hit Hazard heading ever so close to home, I looked at my watch and it was reading 9:00 and I thought OK, you just need to step it up a bit and make this mile come in at under 9:00 no matter what it takes...

Mile 8:  8:58

I still can't even quite believe I pulled this off as well as I did.  Yes I was in a bit of pain later on...and still a bit of it this morning...stiff...but I'm alright  :O)

Not sure how tonights run is going to go though...

p.s.  Heat index yesterday at time of run was 93deg.  A cold front!!  ha!

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Gaslight ;-) said...

Great going, especially in that humidity. Speedy Vidrine, indeed!