Monday, July 5, 2010

A Man Named Frank

Today was my first appointment at Memorial Hermann Sports Rehab with my PT Frank.  It was mostly evaluation sort of stuff; going over what dear Dr. Siff prescribed (said with sarcasm), doing some different 'exercises', 'motions', etc.

After we had a talk about this, that and the other, he made more sense to me thank goodness than Dr. Siff did or ever could.  He was aware of Dr. Siff and expressed some 'concern' and agreed with me that I should seek another opinion, however at this point we dont have to as Frank is going to somehow get Dr. Siff to sign off on what truly needs to be done.

Bottom line is that I can CONTINUE running!  It makes no sense that if MOVEMENT makes me feel better in the moment and long after, that movement is the best thing for me to heal!  There are certain movements he wants me to stay away from for now (specifically bending over forward, and NO yoga)...He said thats more than likely why I felt more pain today.  Thats fine, because I dont really care for yoga anyway...especially if its going to hinder my recovery! 

I will go 3x a week for the next 4 weeks; though he figures in 2 weeks I will be pain free 100%.  I have certain things I have to do every hour, and every 2-3 hours to maintain motion specific to the healing process and then when I see him it will be a series of different things depending on the day.

He commended me on the steps I took on my own to alleviate the pain naturally and wants me to continue to do that as well.  Told me to throw away those stupid drugs!  Yay!  I hated them anyway, but was taking one before bed.  Kind of mad because they were expensive, but maybe there will come a time when I do need them, but I certainly hope not!!  Can you return prescription drugs?  That was $100!  Gah!

OK, time to chill baby chill.

Tomorrow morning we run!!!

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