Monday, July 12, 2010

6 miles
Started out at about 6:15pm as I wanted to let the sun go down a bit more; my route was to run to Rice, around and back as that is indeed my shadiest route.
102 deg heat index

Just when you think its gonna suck big time, it doesnt.  Paces were between 9:43 and 10:34.  I did intervals of 7/1's and I never felt labored nor did my legs feel like lead (I did take 2 S!caps about 15 min before I left the house).  There was a very nice breeze out and that helped tremendously.

I carried my Amphipod with G2 in it which I now know holds 20 oz.  I also tucked a washcloth over my shorts waistband like I did on Saturday and at the 2 water fountains at Rice I soaked it and used it to wipe down my face and back of the neck.  Amazing what something as little as that can do to cool you down!

The next 3 days my runs will be done on the treadmill...I'm actually a bit bummed about that now...oh well, it'll be good to give the legs (and my back) a real break from the pavement pounding!

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