Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crunch Time - Day One

As I wrote earlier, the next three days were gonna be trying for me to get workouts in a short period of time as I have to get to Mom as quickly as possible...preferably before 6:15/6:30ish...

Today I was a bit behind, first leaving my desk on time then I forgot my dang iPod and earpiece upstairs at my desk which is in another building from the gym.  Sigh.

So I ended up doing 4 miles on the treadmill then 20 min of weights.  I started to get way too sweaty and I didnt want to look like a complete scumbag at the 'facility' where Mom is.  I did anyway, but whatever :)  Thats why I stopped at 4 miles and thought doing weights would give me a chance to stop sweating so much :)  I quickly 'damped' off in the dressing room, slid on some jeans and flip flops and was out the door.  However the traffic was just horrendous (I am not use to driving on the freeways anymore when everyone else is trying to get home)...plus I had to stop off somewhere to pick her up a 'surprise' snack.

Tomorrow I have a different game plan which includes me getting up at 5am and getting part of the days workout in before having to get ready for work...we'll see if that happens :)

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