Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Sunday

No run.

Slept in.  Yippee!

Cafe Adobe.  Yum!

Movie.  Despicable Me.  FUNN-KNEE!  Love love loved it!

'Quality time' with BFF ... just a perfect Sunday.

Oh plus I tried a new variation on enchiladas...made veggie enchiladas last night for lunch/dinner the next few days...thinly sliced zucchini, squash, spinach and new potatoes.  Turned out ok, but I think I need to vary the recipe next time.  Maybe add in a can of Rotel...  (side note:  they are MUCH better a day later!!! eating them now for lunch and OMG!)

Today (Monday) we start 13 days of work with nary a day off...I will be working both Sat and Sun this week at Lukes, and the following Saturday as well.  Oh well, extra extra money is good good thing!

We also start the last cycle of increasing mileage every Saturday for 3 Saturdays before a cut back week...then my friends its up to 20-22 milers every other Saturday until taper...I will be thankful for those high/lower alternating weekends...I dont particularly like the increase for 3 weeks/down for 1 at this stage of the game...its exhausting :o)  I am so ready for Chicago Marathon weekend to get here!  or at the very least the taper!

HARRA applications for Houston Marathon entries expires tomorrow and sign up for the lottery begins next Monday...I will know within the next few days if I got in with a HARRA entry and bypass the lottery altogether!

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