Monday, July 12, 2010

Unplanned Sunday Hiatus

First off I am SO behind on reading blogs!!!  I apologize but I am reading slowly but surely, but my commenting is lacking I know!!!  Great job out there all you bloggers!!  Keep up the running, swimming, cycling and good eats!!!

After running 15 miles on Saturday morning, I headed off to Lukes just about 11:30 to start work.  This meant, and I had forgotten how tough it is, that I would be on my feet, standing or walking for over 6 hours after that long a$$ run!  As many of you know I am pretty much unable to eat for several hours after a run in the summer heat, but I did manage to gulp down my choco milk! 

Shortly after arriving at the store, lunch arrived (they buy the staff lunch on Saturday since its so darn busy that each person only gets about 20 min to scarf it down.  This day it was pizza and thankfully there was a veggie one and a cheese one.  After about an hour of being there, I felt like I could eat, but even if I couldnt keep it in my tum-tum I was FAMISHED!  I did get 2 slices of the veggie pizza down and man was it delish!!!  Couple of hours later and man oh man...I was legs were killing me and my PF was starting to flair up on the left side.  Thankfully I made it through and once I got out of there all I wanted to do was just crash and burn on the couch...I did take a nap before meeting up with a friend for a short visit and then falling fast asleep...all the while the plan being to run when I woke up on Sunday morning...

I woke up I guess around 7 and I was still I figured...ok so you'll run AFTER working at Lukes today...I was going to go in at 2, but ended up going in around 12:30 out at 5...since all I had had to eat was a strawberry nirvana from Jamba Juice and about 8 crackers, and little to no water...well running just wasnt going to happen...So Sunday ended up being a rest day due to me just being too tired and too busy!!!  Might be that way for all of July as I agreed to work every Saturday this month plus another Sunday...Yeah its like working 7 days a week, but its only for this month (right now) and I dont have anything else going on besides laying out by the pool or doing something mindless anyway...might as well make that extra cash!  With everything coming up, namely Chicago and then the holidays, the extra money is nice to have!

This week is going to be challenging...I have Mom duty 3 nights this week while my sister (and rest of the family) are off in Las Vegas...we were supposed to ALL be going...but with the way things are, obviously Mom cant go...and my sister NEEDED to go...she so needs the I told her to go and I would drive back and forth to the 'hospital' to see her every night.  Because I need to be there by 6:15 or 6:30...I am going to have to run on the treadmill IMMEDIATELY after getting off work then head that way.  To go home or the park and run outside just isnt going to fly.  That makes me HAVE to take a shower and all that that entails and its just wasted time.  I can run on the treadmill for my 5, 6 and 5 miles (cut back week mileage) and be on the road no later than 5:30.  Its only about 25 miles there but with the traffic it takes a while to get out there...thankfully coming home will be MUCH faster.

And since I am working again on Saturday at Lukes (after thankfully shorter mileage this week)...I guess its no secret that I cannot wait until 6:01pm on that day...I will be doing some serious 'recovery' on Saturday night and all day on Sunday...

PT is going well, met with Frank again today...still no swimming, cycling or bending over (forward)...he said based on my improvment we should be able to start working in different 'exercises' next week that have me going in the opposite direction for a change...which means maybe soon I can start doing crunches again!

Tonights 6 miler is going to be brutal...this week we have even hotter than normal temps forecasted...Going to wait till close to 6:30 before heading out...


K said...

I ended up taking Sunday off too... I was pretty beat after Sunday and I think still trying to recover from my bad eating this week.

Speaking of eating...I just love the header of your blog...any chance it's vegan?

Great job getting your mileage in. Balancing training and real life is a difficult thing to accomplish, so don't be afraid to cut yourself some slack in the housekeeping duties. As long as you have a clean outfit for the next day and good food to eat, all else can wait.

Junie B said...

K,you ran TWENTY miles on saturday so you deserve to take sunday off!!!

and i doubt the pic is vegan...its stock photo from the person that did the masthead :)