Thursday, July 22, 2010

A bit of a better run today.  I left the casa around 5:20ish or so and first ran to Darque Tan.  With all the icky weather and working weekends I havent (and wont) have the pool time I am use to, so I stopped off there (which its less than a block away) and tanned first.  Then I set out for a short 4 miler instead of the 6 on the schedule.

The dewpoint today was higher than I ever remember it being:  77.  And with humidity at 74% and the temp at 86 (due to cloud cover mainly), it was more like swimming than running.  I ran nice and easy but man it was still rough out there...I didnt have any blood sugar issues so thats a good thing...must have been the 2 oatmeal cookies I had today :o)

The nice thing was that about 1/2 mile from home it started pouring down rain so that was actually kind of nice! 

I am stressing out about the long run on Saturday...Its been a long time since I've done 16 miles and yeah its only 1 more than the multiple 15 milers I have done, but its more the weather conditions that have me a bit worried...I just hope to survive with minimal damage to my psyche.  I am just ready for the next 3 long runs to be over with so we can get to long one week/short the next...for whatever reason I handle those much better.

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