Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenyan Way Long Run - Cut Back Week - 9.3 miles

Knowing I had a cut back week I struggled with thinking I should do the run faster than a normal long training run.  After asking a few if I should shoot for the whole run at goal marathon pace, I decided to take their advice and not do that.  I would however go faster than usual, and then do the last 2 miles at or below goal MP.

I ran 2 miles before the start...

The route was mapped at 7.5 but as you see the Garmin showed .3 instead of .5 for whatever reason.  Close enough.  Schedule called for 9 anyway :)

Temp was 80; Humidity was 81% and Dewpoint was 73.  OUCH.  Par for the course though.

Started out with the group and here are the splits:

.3 was at 9:59 pace

Average pace: 10:14

Feel really good about the run.  Only problem I had was shortly before the 2nd water stop I was having GI issues (ate late so I had potty issues beforehand).  Thankfully right there before that water stop to the right down a side street was a porta potty in front of a house that was being remodeled.  Thank the baby Jesus!   After that I felt better and was back on track. 

Next Saturday:  16 miles.  Lordy Lordy...  :o)

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