Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Are What You Eat (aka You Can Run But the Fat Won't Hide)

Remember when I wrote this?

Well I was reminded of this again just last night while at CrossFit.

Amber and I were cooling down on the rowers and one of the guys was talking to us and somehow he made mention of his mid-section and that he still had 'this' because of how he ate, Amber said her too, but because of the fact she likes to drink...(which um both of you are cuckoo because you are both in amazing shape, but I get that its personal and individual how we as athletes view our own bodies compared to what others see)...

So it got me to thinking about something else that I noticed over the weekend while at Kenyan Way.

There is a person that recently started showing up once or twice at KW again, who had taken an extended amount of time off due to injury and then once they were healed, they didn't seem to be running as much and of course was a poor eater to begin with (their food choices I am sure can be counted on 2 hands:  BW3's, Whataburger, Chilis, Freebirds, peanut butter and jelly and Mexican food)  And always the same thing at each place.  ALL poor choices.

During their time off I read that they gained 25lbs or so.  I initially found that hard to believe until I saw them; first from a distance and then up close.

Yep, they sure did and it wasn't muscle either.  Its especially noticable in their face, arms and mid-section.  I think the most jarring part of those 3 is how puffy this persons face is and it honestly just makes them look like a completely different person than I use to know.

I also read that this person is trying to shed the weight, to get back to a better 'racing' weight.  I read this over a month ago I guess it was and when I saw them this past Saturday, well whatever they are attempting to do isn't working.

And because I know this person, I know that their mindset is that exercise (running) and eating a bit more concious is going to do it.

Their idea, like so many people, is that if they cut out calories, run and not alter their overall way of eating that that is going to work.

It might for a bit...but 25lbs is a lot to lose.  And without making a significant change in your way of eating, its just not going to be a good result.  This has been my experience.  Several times. 

Now that I am seeing such dramatic results, I won't ever forget it.

If they continue to eat out as much as I know they do, eat processed food, and limit vegetables to corn, green and pinto beans, well then its going to be a long haul for anyone. 

You just cannot exercise yourself out of a bad diet.
You just can't.

If it was a few lbs, I would say sure...easy enough I suppose, but 25?  That's a lot for anyone.  Something drastic is going to have to change.

Something that can be maintained.  And by something, I mean a way of life/eating change.

I wish that I could bottle up my experience(s) for everyone because everywhere I look I see people that are struggling, are trying stupid things and just trying to starve themselves for whatever gain and then well...it will be soon enough before they are right back where they started.

As a runner you cut too many calories (and nutrients) then you cannot perform.  Changing WHAT you eat is key.

Same is true for any sport.  Even CrossFitting.

This morning I was reminded again at the progress of changing the way I eat, the way I look at food, my input...my output...and coupled with variable physical activities, has made on my body.

My pants are baggy again.  My shirts fit better.
People say 'are you losing weight?'  I walk around naked a lot.  Even in front of mirrors.  :O)

So forth and so on.

I kinda feel bad for this person I was talking about above.  They are extremely critical of themselves to begin with; very emotional...It would seem most of their life they have made not so great choices in many areas of their life, and the latest choices in the past year, well...seem to have taken its toll on them physically.

Honestly, I almost did not recognize them the first time and even just on Saturday as they passed me I was like WTF?  Man...and that's when I felt sorry for them. 

They looked completely miserable. 

At one time I tried to 'help' but to no avail.  They eat what they eat, and resort to corn, green beans, spagetti, pbj and try to cut calories to lose and just run.  It's not going to work long term, if at all. 

If I could I would send them a message, but I won't since I know the outcome of that. 

Oh well, my message is to anyone reading I guess...

If you are unhappy with your life, your achievements, the way you feel, the way you look...what you eat has everything to do with it.

My diet (as a noun, not a verb), is vast.  I try anything and everything and my palate appreciates so many foods that are so good.  And so good for you.  My cooking skills are so much more rich for it as well.

I am never deprived.  Never.  It is so wonderful. 

Life and eating can be one huge roller coaster...One that thankfully I have gotten off of;

My life in general, hasn't been this full in years, and I believe that the way I treat my body once I learned to love me, and get over all the bad in my life, did I become the happy person I am today.

My body is happier.  My mind is happier.  My relationship(s) is happier.  Everything is happier.

My 'happy' is loud!

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