Friday, April 13, 2012

The #1 Great Thing About Not Having a Plan

Is that a person (me) can decide at the last minute (today) that while I did indeed pay for this race (a year ago to be honest), and up until now, did plan to go and complete the 10 miles along with 2 of my friends (who also signed up a year ago, but have not trained, and 1 dropped out already)...

I wasn't even upset that it was going to be hotter than hell.  I was going to run/walk the thing, get my medal, hear some awesome music and drink some beer.

It was the reason last night I took the day off, went to a lovely dinner.
It was the reason I was either going to CrossFit or go running on a Friday since I wasn't going to run with KW on Saturday for a change (to rest up for Sunday of course).

But now heavy thunderstorms are predicted for race morning, with high winds and possible hail.

So not having a plan?  Yeah.  Totally works in my favor, because I can, at any time, change my mind.

Which I am doing.  Right now.

Yeah it might not rain.  But then again it might.
And guess who doesn't want to run in the rain when I don't freaking have to?

This girl.


Instead of going to Austin to run a 10 mile race that I wasn't even all that jazzed about (now). (I was a year ago obviously), I am going to still run this evening AND run with Kenyan Way tomorrow too.  And I will run 10 miles anyway.  More if I want to.  Less if I want to too.  In my own city.  And not spend a fortune on gas.  And ... and ... and ...

Then I will go to CrossFit afterwards.  Because I love CrossFit.

CrossFit makes me so happy.  CrossFit makes me much happier than running.

But a place in my life for both...and cycling... Can't forget cycling and swimming!!!

And everybody lives happily ever after.


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