Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

So after my visit to the doctor, I came home and caught the last hour of the Boston Marathon on Universal Sports (so glad I have that channel).

I had a lot of friends running it and they all were slower than they normally would have been; some muuuuch slower than they normally would have been thanks to the heat and the direct sun beating down on them to make it even worse.

Great job everyone!

I hit up CrossFit for the 6pm class and only had to slightly modify it thanks to the rain they changed the WOD, which was to be a lot of sprints followed by a lot of rowing.

Warmup:  1000m row


50 air squats
50 butterfly sit ups
50 push ups (I had to modify to use my knees since I couldnt get up on my toe(s) which I loathe!)
50 Double Unders (200 singles if not able to do DU's)  (I had to modify and to 50 step ups on the box)  Waaaaaaaaaaaahh!  I love my jump roping!

Repeat all 4 again
For time!

 I cooled down with a 500m row and 10 toes to bar (I can do a couple at a time now, but have to drop from the rack to rest a few seconds and reset)

Getting stronger!!

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