Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walk Before You Run

Winston Churchill once said: Personally I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

I totally get that.

The first time I remember being injured was in 2007, when I developed a severe case of 'runners knee' and had to be banished to the elliptical early in the training season for the 2008 Houston Marathon.  If I remember correctly it was 6-8 weeks and I ended up having to drop to the half marathon due to missing too much training time.  I was still a new runner/marathoner and didn't have the base at all to just pick up and keep going.

Then in 2009, late Spring I ended up with a stress fracture (left tibia) and was out for a couple of months.  During this time is when I picked up cycling and swimming.  By mid-Summer I was back to running and was training for my first duathlon and triathlon.

Then in late Summer 2010 while training for my first Chicago was when the degenerative disc situation first reared its ugly head.  I continued to train through (thankfully it didn't hurt to run, just hurt to do anything else pretty much!).  I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks, learned my limitations and within a short period of time, I was good as new.  

Or as good as new that I would ever be again with my 'disease'.

For 2 years I have known those limitations, yet sometimes pushing the envelope just wee bit further than I should sometimes, but always knowing when to pull back on the reins.  

Last week I did not do that and for that I am paying the price.  

Yesterday after the gym, I decided to reeeeeally take it easy, which meant being horizontal pretty much the whole day (I had the day off from work).  I feel awful whenever I am like that (lazy) but I knew I needed to just suck it up and be a slug for one day.

I also started back on glucosomine yesterday (triple strength).  I should be taking it all the time, but obviously I quit somewhere along the way.

This morning when I woke up I was nervous about how it was going to feel getting out of bed.  Yesterday the pain was so bad it made me nauseous and I broke out in a sweat.

Today I was actually able to walk with minimal pain as soon as I exited my hibernation cave.  This is a good sign.

Now I just have to keep my patience intact and not do anything to alter the healing process.  

My plans at least through Friday are the same as they have been:  elliptical, rowing, and some weights (anything that doesn't require me to strain the lower back).  I don't even know that I will attempt running unless its 2-3 days past the day the pain is actually non-existent.

CrossFit will be on hold as well until I think the danger has passed for a relapse.

Last Tuesday was the last day since I have CrossFit and its killing me!  I haven't run since Thursday and thats killing me too!!

Patience is a virtue.

But its also a bitch.

Here is a video of a guy who discovered CrossFit to help with his substance abuse addiction.

It is awesome.  And I can so relate.


TX Runner Mom said...

Hang in there! I now know first hand how much it sucks to have an injury, but I am determined to not do anything to stop the healing process (after trying to continue training with pain for 2 months)! I am not patient either, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

Junie B said...

I hate it. At least the last time I could run. This time, nope. I did that one day and I guess that was just the nail in the proverbial coffin. I HAVE to limit my jumping (force) when doing CrossFit. I already know I cant do box jumps (I have to just step up and down), but I should never have continued to attempt 15 min of double unders. Once you know how, its easy and smooth, but not for me in the learning stage. All that pounding was just too much. I am CERTAIN that is what it was. Single unders obviously dont bother me...

I just want to be able to run again!!! I can live without double unders and box jumps!!!!