Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

I broke down yesterday after a lot of research and speaking with a few people and made an appointment with a chiropractor for this coming Friday.

They could have taken me today, but honestly the thought of someone touching me in any way makes me want to cry.  I am a huge baby and I know its going to hurt.

The lady I spoke with told me there would be x-rays of course, even though I have had those before and know exactly what and where the issue is and then they would do a 'treatment' or some term like that. 

Which basically means they are going to make me lie down on a table and push and 'manipulate' things and its going to hurt like hell.

This morning when I got up, obviously it still hurts, and I went straight into the living room and proceeded to do my own PT that I learned from the last time I had rehab with an actual physical therapist.  

Yesterday in my research I saw that 'downward dog' may help, but I couldn't even get into that position to save my life (we also do this in CF during stretch time at the beginning of a session).  This morning after my usual positions, which include childs pose (which actually feels really really good AND helps you go to the bathroom btw), I attempted down-dog and my range of mobility before it hurt was a bit better than it was last night.

I have decided to skip the gym altogether this evening, and just go home and relax.  I will probably take a walk along the bayou which is roughly a 2.5 jaunt  if I make the single loop there close to home.

My hope is that by the time I get to the chiro on Friday that more of the pain and inflammation has subsided so that its not quite so painful.

If this particular chiro does not administer cortisone (I know most don't), then I am going to ask him for a referral to someone close by that can.  I have 2 events mid-May and I would like to still be able to do them!  

As much as I fear needles, at this point I don't care.

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Nicole said...

Treatment or therapy? Either way, they probably mean e-stim and either a hot pack or ice pack, and then possibly some stretches and gentle massage. If you're hurting too bad, they probably won't attempt an adjustment on that part of your back. I was scared to death the first time I had an adjustment but it's never hurt.