Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brown Chicken Brown Cow Rice

No one says it better than Mark Sisson over at Mark's Daily Apple.

It's been a couple of weeks ago, that something on my Facebook sparked a bit of back and forth commenting re: paleo/no grains thing...I don't recall what I wrote, or who said this but it was something along the lines of 'I can't fathom brown rice ever being bad for a person'

Something to that effect.

Well here is what I have to say to that.

This past Sunday I tried my hand at making chicken curry (which turned out SOOOO good by the way; next time I make it I will post the pictures and recipe I used).

I have been trying to rid my house of any and all grain/non-Paleo items and I had one of those boil-in-bag things of brown rice and I thought "oh I will just use that with the curry, and thats one less stupid grain in my house".

So that's what I did.

I had a cup of it with my chicken/veggie curry that evening.

Within an hour or so, I felt like crap and I looked about 4 months pregnant.
The next morning when I woke up, I looked puffy.

But I took the leftovers to work.
But I left early due to fractured toe, so the leftovers stayed at work.
By Monday evening, I felt better, but still seemed 'puffy'.

Tuesday I had my leftover brown rice and curry.
And guess who was 'pregnant' and feeling like crap within hours?

This girl.

Wait, there's more.

Since eating said oh its so good for you brown rice, I have had the strangest cravings for all things floury/carby.
Yesterday I gave in and had a muffin.
This morning I had a tortilla.

And guess who looks and FEELS like crap?

This girl.

This shit stops right here and now.  I hate feeling lethargic and just crappy.
It also makes me feel 'depressed'.

I don't know if anyone else out there has ever had that reaction to grains, but I have noticed a pattern.

Because I have some other responsibilities this week on my plate, I was unprepared with food coming to work today and I struggle at the cafeteria (hence the tortilla this morning; at least I told them to leave off the potatoes and only had egg and sausage), I marched myself right over to Whole Foods to get sustanence for the rest of the day!

Some steamed garlic and spinach, a few broccoli flowerets, and a big turkey meatball (no gluten fillers added) that was wrapped in cabbage leaves and steamed to perfection.  Thankfully I have fish and grassfed beef thawing at home for meals for the next few days.  Plus I have the next 4 days off, so I can get a handle on this nonsense.  Stupid, stupid brown fucking rice.  :O)

So basically my point is...just like I pointed out on Facebook that evening, everyone is different.

I don't know, maybe brown rice is good for you. 

But science points otherwise, and for this girl, brown rice is the devil!

So all you grain loving, cereal eating, potato experts out there, go ahead and eat what you will.  But don't tell me what's good for me and not good for me.

I have the mind/body connection thing worked out and I know what makes me and what breaks me.

That is all.

Carry on.

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TX Runner Mom said...

I have a box of those brown rice bags that have been in my pantry 4-evah. Need to just throw them away!