Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alone Time

I guess I could blame it on the fact that yesterday I stopped with the 'poison' again.  Poison =  Diet Coke.

I have stopped many times but always found my way back to it and its just bad bad bad for you.  HFCS and a host of other chemicals man made into an addictive liquid.

The times I have quit the sauce, I saw a change in my body (less poof and bloat) and I know that it hinders weight loss/fat loss.  That coupled with just the plain fact that its horrid to put it in your body, made my decision to quit.  Again.

Hopefully this time for keepsies.

As yesterday wore on, I was getting more and more irritable (withdrawals) and the last thing I wanted to do was be around people.  

Additionally the CrossFit WOD was intensive on the back with low handle prowlers, back squats and sled pulls.  I don't need to put any of that on my back this week, as I have a race this weekend and I didn't want to put any undue stress on my back.  Pulling and pushing a load heavy sled was not what I needed.  I would have loved to do it, but just not yesterday.

So I decided that I needed a soul cleansing, alone time run instead.  Ran for an hour(ish) and felt much better for it.

This morning when I woke up and looked at the WOD, it was another one that I just wasn't interested in doing.  Squat cleans?  Yes.  Ring dips?  No.  Rope ascents?  No.

So I made up my own CrossFit WOD and hit the gym instead.

Warm up:  30 min run on the treadmill

WOD:  21-15-9 x 2

Kettlebell swings (25lb)
Pole Situps
Lat Pull Downs (65lbs)

Explanation:  You do 21 reps of each, then 15 reps of each, then 9 reps of each.  For time.  

Tabata treadmill:  8:34 pace (20 sec on, 10 sec off)  x 8

Repeat 21-15-9
Repeat Tabata treadmill

I took a 3 min rest in between 

Then after resting a bit more, I grabbed the 20 lb bar and proceeded to do 25 squat cleans followed by 50 air squats.

I hadn't worn my watch today, therefore I didn't time myself, but trust me when I tell you it was one hell of a workout if I do say so myself.

Plans are to definitely hit up the 'box' tomorrow, regardless of the WOD.

I felt much better today (day 2 of no Diet Coke), making myself a large iced coffee this morning to take with me to work.  

Coffee good.  Diet Coke bad.  Hoping to see results of quitting the poison in a week or two!

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AMcConn said...

Ohh my... giving up the soda is just not something I am capable of. You are a much stronger person then I...
I do agree its poison, but such a delish way to go!

Keep up with the coffee and awesome training!