Saturday, April 21, 2012

Know When to Say When

Welp.  I guess my little lower back flare up is a bit worse than I originally thought.

I think the last time I wrote about it was last Wednesday, can't remember, but on Thursday, I did go to the gym and run 6 miles on the treadmill and everything was fine.

Friday morning since I was off work, it was such a nice morning that I set out on the bike and clocked 24 miles riding the Heights Bike Trail into downtown, back and then went the bike trail along White Oak until I had to turn around due to the fact they aren't through with it past a certain point (which is 6 miles from my house).

Then Friday night I noticed that it wasn't hurting when sitting down, but rather when I was upright which goes against all previous flare ups.  Generally walking and running made it feel better.  Not now.  I had trouble walking out of the restaurant last night, but really wasn't too concerned about it.

This morning when the alarm went off I originally just turned it off and went back to bed and thought since it was going to be so cool and nice today that I could run on my own instead of running with Kenyan Way.  So when I did get up and out the door, I knew right away that there would be no running today, and probably for a few days (hopefully not longer than that).  

The pain was just excruciating in my lower left back and I knew that it would be more dumb than dumb to even try past the few feet that I went.

I came inside, grabbed my backpack and took off for the gym.

I went at warp speed on the elliptical for 1 hour and 10 min and it felt so much better doing that!  No impact, no impact, no impact!  Then I got on the rower; did 1000m as fast as I could and then did about another 30 minutes of weights.

My range of motion forward is much better; I can lift the leg much better and I guess the best part that the recent flare up hasn't been so bad that I have numbness in my foot from it.

Its the little things.

So at least for now, no running and no jumping rope until its better.  I honestly think it might have been all those attempts at double unders that might have done me in.  When attempting double unders I tend to really pound into the floor whereas with single unders I am smoooooth as buttah.

Oh well, whatever it was, its done and now I just need to recooperate.  I will keep at the elliptical, rower and weights.  If by Monday things feel better I will probably go back to CrossFit and do whatever parts of the WOD each day that I can.  If there is any running involved, I will do the rower and with double unders, I will just have to have one of the coaches give me an alternative.

ps: going on day 14 with no Diet Coke.  I actually bought a can of it yesterday for whatever reason, took a sip or two of it, and poured it out.  Just tasted funky and me no likey funky.  :O)

pss: even when injured its ok to work out, just alter it to be certain you don't further injure yourself.  so many people I know use injury as a reason to take time off or become complacent.  and become fat.  I have no plans to sit on my laurels whenever my running is halted or whatever.  I will not undo all the work I have done with running, CrossFit, biking and what-not just because of a little hiccup.

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