Monday, April 16, 2012

First CrossFit Injury (Self Inflicted Of Course)

Sunday afternoon when I went to open gym for CrossFit, the day before the owner had come in and cleaned up and stacked everything all nice and neat including the boxes we use for box jumps AND for ease of us short people to use to get into the bands on the pull up racks.

Since I wanted to work some pull ups with bands first, I needed a box and was trying to get one off the top but they are steel and heavy.  J helped me get it off and I was carrying it over to the rack and when I went to set it down, I didnt really realize there were steel bars flush along the bottom that connected the 4 corners.

Since it was heavy, as I was about to set it down, I just kinda dropped it and it landed right on my big toe.

The pain was excruciating but I didnt think much about it until a few hours later when I went to return some movies and the sharp pains shooting up my foot made me a bit nervous but it subsided.

This morning when I woke up, I immediately surveyed the damage and I had a swollen purple/black toe.

It didn't really hurt so much to walk unless I put regular pressure on it but if I tried to touch it or move it, obviously it was very sore. 

Can't really get a sense of how bruised it really is with a camera shot...

And then the back side.  Its just bruised along the bottom
After being at work for a couple of hours, icing it under my desk I finally decided to go have it x-rayed to see if it was in fact broken.

There is a teensy tiny fracture in there, but nothing major thank goodness.
They taped it up, told me to keep it elevated, take ibuprofen for pain if necessary and thats it.  I knew they wouldn't do anything more but I wanted to know.

They also told me no running, no CrossFit and no high heels for a few days.

Yeah.  Right.

I will lay off the running for a couple of days but no way you are keeping me from CrossFit and high heels.  :O)

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