Sunday, April 15, 2012

More, More, More...How Do You Like It? More, More, More

The last long run with Kenyan Way (Spring session) was today, with the Summer session starting in a couple of weeks.

I really didn't know how much I was going to do, but ended up just doing 8 with KW.  For some reason when I got the 2nd water stop I wasn't at 4 miles yet, so I ran down South, or was it North, until my Garmin beeped for 4 miles then turned back.

Hot and humid was the same name of the game this morning, but at least there was a strong wind (never a headwind though) that kept it reasonably OK temperature wise I suppose. 

I will more than likely keep my Saturday runs at 8-10 miles, more like 8 from here until time to train for my half marathons (since I am cancelling the one I had coming up in June).  If I hadn't been signed up for Austin this weekend, I doubt I would have kept running those 10milers on the weekends like I have been.

I am completely enjoying all my other physical activities, and the balance is just right.  It took me a bit to figure it out, how to balance it all and not be freaking out about not running enough, but now I can relax even more which has been my goal all along.  I have some duathlons coming up, possibly a triathlon or two, and I just can't get enough CrossFit.  

I love how it makes me feel, the things I can do that I have never been able to do, nor thought I could, and most importantly how my body is reacting to it.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window while running our route yesterday and yeah, I'm pretty darn golden with what I saw.  Now to improve upon it...  :O)

So after my run, stopping to get my iced coffee (still no Diet Coke!), came home, showered, put on fresh clothes and hit up CF for the 9am session.

I had to take a picture of the WOD because there was no way I was going to remember the WOD and it wasn't posted on the website. 

Had it been I am not sure I would have shown up for the beating I saw on the board when I got there....

Really?  Ugh.  Really.
Thankfully when its a 'buddy WOD' you and another person SPLIT the workout.  So the coach suggested that to make it 'easier' we each run 400 to start (that = 800m) then split up the rest into what would = 6 rounds, then run the final 800 in the 6th round.

While it did make it more 'bearable' it was brutal and I was like wtf am I doing here after a long run?  And thinking back we should have just run out mile at the beginning and be done with it, because after all the rest running another 400m each was brutality.

I know that seems weird, but seriously, you try it :) 

Total time:  29:36 
Anytime a WOD takes over 20 min to complete, you know its an ass kicker.  Good grief I hope I don't see this one again for quite some time!


After that, it was on to Skyline CrossFit to watch 2 of our coaches and 2 of our peers do a BRUTAL CrossFit competition...

This was 2 of our coaches after the 3rd round.  The bodies did indeed hit the floor.  Good grief there were some BEASTS at that competition.  Amazing to watch!

Today they opened the gym for what they call 'open gym' where you can go and just do whatever.  There is a suggested WOD, or you just do one of your liking or practice whatever skill you want to work on.

I practiced a bit of everything but mostly just worked on my kipping (with no band of course).  The kipping (the swing) is muy importante to even begin to do a kipping pull up.  Without a proper kipping, its just not going to happen.

We were there an hour and a half, before I had to leave for food.  I was worn the F out.  Practiced double unders, snatches, kipping, and pull ups (of course I still need a band on the pull ups, but pull ups always are a benefit).  Threw in some butterfly squats, some burpees, and then thought it was a good idea to carry a 25lb plate around the block (300m).  Um.  Doh.  That shit is hard and you can't rest it on your head and if you stop to rest you have to get into a full squat and keep holding the plate.

After that I was donezo.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!

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