Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Only Wednesday

'...There's a kink and then a scream,
but it's only in her dream
I look around
and its you, oh oh ohhh
I can't believe it's only Wednesday.
And she can't see that everyone is there
Except for me
I know I don't want to lose this time...'

Since I just got my bike out of the shop (tune up for some upcoming long rides and race/events), I decided to ride to and from Crossfit today.  Its on 2.5 miles each way.  I just hate the traffic especially around the I-10/Shepherd area at that time of day.  Ugh.

Stupid though to drive and waste gas to get there though (I actually ended up with just over 6 miles on the bike as I tried to find a way home that wouldn't make me have to ride back over a high bridge; no such luck)

Warm up:
12 Minutes to Establish
3 Rep Max Strict Weighted Pullups

Now here is where I have made progress.  Well to be honest I have never attempted a strict pull up (no kipping allowed).  So today we were to try them 'weighted'*.  If you can't do an unassisted strict pull up (I cant yet) then you try to do them w the bands.  Now generally I use a green band for my kipping pull ups, but today I started with the red.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I could pull myself up about 1/2 way.  So I went to the blue, and I could do them!  Amber (who can do strict pullups with a 15lb KB and NO BAND assist; yeah shes a badass!) said it looked too easy for me, so I tried the red again.  Still a no go.  :(  Next time! 

So I went back to the blue band (so excited!) and then strapped a 10lb KB around me and was able to do 3.  Barely on the 3rd one, but I got the chin up over the bar!

Looks like for now though I will be using the blue and not the green band for my kippings!  Woo to the hoo!  See ya later green band!

Gotta love progress!!!

*you wear a belt that slips through a KB and it hangs down which is weird!


5 Rounds of:

Sprint 200m
10 KB Swings (70#/45#)
15 Burpees

For time!  18:10

I really thought I miiiight get my first Rx today, but I just couldn't swing 45lb KB.  I barely could swing it once by itself let alone throwing in sprints, burpees and for that many reps and rounds.  I swung 30lbs though and that was hard enough.  When I started CF 2 months ago, I was only swinging 15lbs.  25lbs is my sweet spot, but they wanted us to go as heavy as we could today.

I gotta say the bike ride home was not pleasant.  :) 

Accumulate 5 Minutes in a Forearm Plank 

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