Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Pictures

Brandy and my sister


Washer time!

Brandon (nephew) and Chrystal (niece) beginning to get the food going

Getting set up on the back porch for the feast

Just a shot of one of the centerpieces; I just thought it looked pretty :O)


Brandon's 'warriors' as he calls them
My plain jane dyed huevos

Chrystals...oops picture is sideways :O)

More badminton...

My haul!  I definitely won the 'pocking' this year!  I had 2 really good eggs that just couldn't be broken!  I will have plenty of breakfasts, snacks, and probably some egg salad too this week!
I was really good this year!  No candy!  No chips and dip!
I had a hamburger (no bun) and a hot dog (no bun), and about 1/2 cup of my macaroni salad that I made.  Took one bite of potato salad (just not a fan of it to begin with), and had some olives, pickles etc as 'side dish'.  I did put some chili on top of the burger and dog, but just a bit.

Oh and I had a beer :O) ... One Mich Light, so no harm, no foul.  Thankfully I was able to leave without my sister realizing that I hadn't had any cake :O)

Later that evening I ate like a bazillion fresh strawberries for dinner :)  Oh they are so good!  Kroger had 3 containers for $5 and I stocked up.  They looked so fresh and were humongous!

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