Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That Time I Baked Eggs In The Oven

Recently there have been quite a few blogs talking about baking eggs instead of boiling them.  I had a friend here at work give it a try and she had success, so I thought this past Sunday I would try as well.  Especially since I had my shiny new mini muffin tin.  Some blogs have it where you just place the eggs directly on the rack (which is what my friend did), but when I saw that Heather used a tin, I decided I felt much more at ease doing that. 

I was too worried one or more of them would crack and I would have egg all over the bottom of my oven!  Can you imagine how hard it would be to clean that?

Preheat oven to 325deg (approx 6 minutes according to my oven)

Place eggs in the tin

Slide into the oven

After 30-35 minutes remove from oven
As you can see, and my friend had told me this, the eggs get brown spots on them, which she said rubbed off but that was not the case with mine.  The spots stayed on there.

This does not bode well for coloring Easter eggs! 

Only one of the eggs cracked, but it wasn't even a bad crack but I am still glad that I had it in a tin.  There wasn't any run off in the tin from it, but still.

(egg) Crack is whack!

Results:  The eggs were completely cooked just as if I had boiled them; just as easy to peel (remember to add salt to the water if you boil eggs to make peeling easier), and they tasted just the same as if I had boiled them as well.

However what I did not like is that when you peel them the egg white is a brownish tint.

Call me racist, but I like my egg whites....white.

While this method is definitely easier (not pot to watch so the water doesn't boil over; and I usually end up with more than one cracked egg when I boil them), I still think that when it comes time to do my Easter eggs, I am going to boil them!  I want clean, white eggs to color, and when they are peeled I want them to be white, not a brownish tint!

However on Sundays from here on out, for my weekly egg stash for grab and go's, I would probably bake instead of boil.

And on a last note, I recently cut my hair even shorter, so here is a not so good pic of that, but you get the idea...Still need to be a tad bit shorter, but we'll get to that at the next hair appointment!


Pony and Petey said...

Awesome idea on the eggs! Thanks for sharing!!! I don't care what they look like...just want them to taste good and be easy to make. Baking them in the oven sounds perfect!

TX Runner Mom said...

Who knew you could bake eggs? Thanks for the info. I learned last year to bring the water to a boil, then remove from heat and put the eggs in. In 30 minutes, you have great eggs! I always put them in the boiling water and continued to boil. Definitely trying the baking trick (but not for Easter eggs).

Melissa said...

ive never seen the baking thing before, cool!

I LOVE the new hair, so cute and sassy!