Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toe'ing The CrossFit Line :O)

Obviously no running today.  Toe feels a teensy bit better...probably try to run tomorrow to see what is what...

So CrossFit it is!

Unfortunately today I battled a lot of pain in my back (its flared up again), and even though I saw the WOD and its one I would have probably usually skipped (due in part to the fact that I either can't do it at all, or I suck at it)...

But off I went like the good little girl that I am!  I would do what I could with what I had.  Its the CrossFit way.  :)

Warm Up:
3x ME (max effort) HSPUs (handstand pushups)
Rest 2 minutes btw attempts
kipping is allowed but no plates or ab-mat!

I am not able to do handstands even up against the wall because I have the propensity to want to throw my left leg up last and thats my bad side for my disc issue and it just hurts me every time.  So instead I assisted some of the new girls with theirs.  Newbies tend to be a bit scared to do them like they are going to fall over or onto their head.  So I felt good having been some help! I am able to do headstands since I dont have to kick my legs up as hard, but rather just slowly push them up and against the wall.  Still working the core just not as much as a handstand.

3 Rounds (in any order; I started with the Push Jerks, then PA's then DU's)

100 DUs (no singles allowed today.  If you couldnt do DU's, then you tried to do as many as you could for 5 min, each round btw!) 

The great thing about being 'forced' to do DU's is that it made me do much better at them!  I was actually able to do 3 in a row!  I would then get excited and mess up!  Oh well...its a process.  Additionally the jumping rope didnt bother my toe as I was making sure to land on the balls of my feet which is proper anyway and staying off my toes.
20 Pistols (10L/10R)(these are very hard for me to do, especially on the left side with my back since thats the side with my degenerative disk, but I did them, just not very low, but not holding on and going as low as I could was what we were told, and I did it)

10 Push Jerks (155/105#)  I originally racked my bar for a total weight of 45lbs and while J was telling me how to do the move, he was like 'put more weight on there.  You lifted that waaaay too easily.  Its supposed to be hard.'  So I added on 10 more lbs and went at it.  And I did it for all 3 rounds and I didn't die.  :O)

For time!
I actually didn't post a time.  By the time I got to the 3rd round of DU's I was just done.  I did them for 3 min and just tossed it in.  I picked up the bar and did 2 additional Push Jerks and called it a day.  My back was killing me, my toe was starting to hurt more and it was time to stop.  When I stopped I was at 23min, and I was a hot, sweaty mess.

I am taking tomorrow off from CrossFit altogether and going to run on the treadmill.  If the toe bothers me, then I will do a combo of elliptical, cycling and rowing totaling one hour.

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