Monday, February 28, 2011

Momma Got Some New Shoes (Brooks Ravenna)

I have several different makes of running shoes (Adidas, Saucony and Brooks), mostly those are ones I use for short distance types of races but I, and have been for 2 years now, running exclusively in the Nike Triax (not shown) for any and all training runs and races over a 10K distance. 

Once I healed up from the stress fracture (back in 2009) and one of the techs at Luke's told me something that regardless of what I did before, somewhere along the way I started pronating (but still running in a neutral shoe with me commiting mileage abuse it was just bound to happen).  Anyway, the Triax is very light weight, stabile and has been my love ever since.  However the past year with the exception of once they just keep coming out with the same color over and over and over.  Sick to death of pink/fushia and/or blue.  Blech.  So I kept researching other makes (with the same type of shoe) but nothing would compare to the Triax in its lightweighedness.

Until now.

I saw this shoe last week in the store while working and I just kinda mulled it over, picked it up...light...and it was indeed a shoe to fit my needs for my pronation (and again while still being light)...I did nothing.  My shoes I have now are still good; I don't need new shoes yet.

This past Saturday.  See shoes again front and center (since Brooks was sponsor for Rodeo Run).  Pick them up.  Me likey orange.  Put them back.

Then yesterday while working yet again (but yay for big 2nd paycheck coming this Friday), one of co-workers puts a pair on.  Convinces me too.  Finally.
OMG.  L.O.V.E.  Now granted I only ran a bit in the store, but I could tell a difference in just putting them on.  

This new shoe is built like a performance trainer, so it's exceedingly light and flexible for a stability model; I was really surprised. Offers good cushioning, a snug arch wrap (love this!!), and a spacious forefoot that bends up slightly at the tip for an easy toe-off.  The tilted up toe part was immediately noticable to me and I wonder if it will help with even just a second or two faster?

Anyway, I walked out of the store with them still on.  Good thing about working there is not only the big discount I get but that I can pay for them later.  Besides if I don't like them after running in them this week, I will just take them back.  Another good thing about Luke's! (and that is for everyone not just employees)

Haven't run in them yet, that comes this evening.  I can't wait!!!


GeorgiaSnail said...

I am in my 3rd consecutive pair of Ravenna's...I love them so much!

Enjoy your new kicks!

Adrienne said...

Brooks rocks! Enjoy 'em:)

Karen said...

Awesome!! Hope they work out well for you! :0)

kderoll said...

I'm in my third pair of Ravenna's!! Everytime I go to get new shoes I try on everything that Luke's has, or so it seems, and end of walking out with the Ravenna's. I hope you like them!