Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well....not that I have been working at this really, it was still always something I dreamed about (and maybe in a couple of years it will become serious again for me)...but looks like at least for a while that I need to keep focusing on the other dreams...which is fine, because there are so many other things out there on my bucket list that needs to be attended to first :O)

Boston announces new admission rules and qualifying times


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

I hear ya! Just posted something on this too.

Junie B said...

this is really quite a huge change. if they pick the fastest runners first (i mean there could be ALL of them in lets say sub 3:30), never giving anyone over that a chance. Its not like they are picking the fastest from each age group up to a certain number.

oh well.

Junie B said...

Its not enough to hit your required time. You need to BETTER that time significantly to make it in with the rolling regsitratations or you are out.

I fear that basically anyone that has to run 3:45 or better is SOL. all the spots will be taken with the AG's before that.

melissadishes said...

this makes me sad, my buddy Megan sent it to me this morning.

I know I wasn't even close, especially for my age, but I thought maybe one day i'd run another marathon and maybe qualify. My running buddy AK qualified in houston with 3:40:and the change, barely making it with the time for her age (late 30s).

I thought maybe later in life, I could somehow make the time. Now I guess even that would be a huge leap.