Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kenyan Way - Long Run

10 miles.
Average pace:  10:21 pace

Since the group was going to be running basically by my house I opted to sleep in and then just meet up with them at the first water stop that was just about a mile away from my house.  I headed out around 6:15 and as I was approaching the water stop, the first few (faster) groups were already past it.  I didnt have to wait long thankfully as it was 31deg out and I didnt want to have to stand around for too long.

Probably about 5 min and here comes the 4:15 group and there was Megan!  Whoop!  So I did the route with her from that point on, but on the way back I turned off at Westheimer and headed back towards home.  Decided to stop off by the house, get a drink of water, lose the gloves and headed back out for the last mile. 

As cold as it was I was dressed perfectly for a change and the legs felt really good this morning.  I really am looking forward to warmer temps but honestly when its colder out I do so much better.  I think its because basically I cant feel my legs :)  The one thing about this morning was that it was nice to chat along the run, which I normally dont care to do.  I did run with music, but kept one earbud out so that I could hear Megan.  She really hasnt been running since Chicago and I needed to pace her without her realizing it.  Proud of her for doing the full route and negative splitting as well!  Its tough to go from marathon training, to doing a hot ass marathon and then nothing.  She has been struggling to do even 6 miles on her own, so I know she was thankful for the distractions this morning.

I am still having issues with the Garmin; its not downloading for some reason, but at least I can see the average and the splits on the watch itself.  It appears to be charging right now, but I am not entirely sure if it is!  I dont want to have to break down and buy another one :(

Have a happy Saturday!


Mel said...

hooray for a good run and one so close to home!

Mine was good too, went to the lake with my sister. She did 1 loop, I did a different one. LOVED the weather!

The forecast for next weekend looks horrible for Austin marathon, so glad I never do any of those races. I'll just be workin it Sat and sun

holly d said...

If you have to get a new Garmin check out ebay first. My dad just got a 305 new in box for $100. Worth checking out :)