Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Really...I AM Still Alive...

Things are just really messed up right now; Mom is still hanging in there, but as some of you know, its definitely NOT good.  After running and then working at Luke's on Saturday I headed out there late and didnt come home until yesterday.  2 days of basically no sleep and emotional/physical strain will make you a crazy person.

And when I did come home, I didn't feel well at all, so spent the morning trying to feel better.  I did manage 4 miles but it was tough going.  I just did what I could and that was that.  Started feeling better later in the afternoon, but it was back with a vengance this morning, but seems to be subsiding yet again. 

I somehow woke up before the alarm I had set so I could run a few before work, so I turned it off.  However I must have drifted off to sleep again because the next thing I knew it was 10 till 6 and there went that.

Hot yoga this afternoon.  Oh how I am looking forward to that.  I also started back on the 3 day detox this morning.  Its been just over a month since the last time, and as previously mentioned its something I would like to do about once a month.

I am so behind on blogs, so this morning I just marked them as all 'read'.  Hoping to catch up at some point :O)


Heather said...

Sending you positive thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there hon. I hope you feel better.

Much love to you and your mom.

K said...

Thinking of you! Praying for you all!

Karen said...

So sorry to hear about your mom...I'll be praying for your family!