Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Updates (Changes)

  • I won't be doing Texas Independence Relay after all.  Apparently I was only an alternate (didnt realize that), and then on the last registration day, there was only 1 spot and 3 girls, so there was that.  I was only slightly bummed.  Then last week they indeed needed someone else, but by this time I had the news of Moms worsening condition, and there is no way I can commit to a team knowing what I knew.  Heck as it is now, and has been for over 6 months now, every time I plan something I know there is the chance that I might not be able to actually do it.  Its just the way it is, and thats OK.
    • I have officially signed up for Angie's Half Crazy Marathon though at the end of March.  And then of course there are a few other (short distance) races scattered in April then Bay to Breakers in May!!!
  • I won't be moving this year.  I thought my car was going to be paid off in April, and it is...just not until 2012.  How I was off by a year, I have no idea, but I was.  Again, only slightly bummed.  Will try and make a couple of extra payments if I can.  If not, eh.
  • Yesterday I started back on the de-clutter/purge that I have been doing off and on.  If I have to stay where I am then I need to keep doing this until I am satisfied that the only things I have in my house are either things I really need or are sentimental to me.  And heres case in point:  I put a bunch of books out for whoever to take, and I've had those books piled forever.  And right now I can only tell you the names of 2 of them:  Purpose Driven Life and Eat, Love, Pray.  I thought about keeping those 2, I really did, but then I thought:  Someone else might be able to use these for the same reasons I needed them, but maybe can't afford them, or don't even know that they need them.  Then I felt like in some small way I might have helped someone (they both helped me when I really needed it).  This weekend I tackle clothes again since I will be storing away winter stuff and taking out Spring/Summer stuff.  I know there is a lot of stuff thats going to be going.  I already have one large trash bag ready on the porch to go to Goodwill.
  • I have come up with March's goal:  No computer or phone (apps) outside of work.  I will check my (personal) email once at home in the evening and thats it.  No Facebook, no Twitter, no WWF's, nothing.    I just want to be technology free for at about 50% of my workdays, and even moreso on weekends; I will check email once, but again, no computer or phone (apps).  I will use my phone for what it was intended:  To talk to people if there is a need. 
  • Oh and yesterday was the first day that I took my own reusable (green!) shopping bags to the grocer!  I loved doing that!  No more plastic bags!!!
I think that just about covers it.  For now.

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