Saturday, February 5, 2011

The South Shall Rise Again!

We are thawing out!  This morning when I got up it was a balmy 31 deg!  Weeee!!  Suited up and headed out for a wonderful easy 6 miles before the rest of the city was stirring.  There were some icy patches along the way, but I ran much earlier than I did yesterday.  Once I got to Rice though, there was nothing; but that also means that the water fountains had been turned off.  Thankfully In Flight Running had a water stop around the loop (for some odd reason), so at least I was able to get a cup of water.  Not that it was hot, but my mouth/throat were very dry and I needed something.

I have a short 3 miler this afternoon just to get in a 2 a day in ramping up for the Texas Independence Relay in one short month.

Yesterday after noon I was going so stir crazy in the house, that I wandered out for a short 3 miler.  The city was shut down (we were covered in ice as we had freezing rain for several hours, but the snow never came) and originally our office was delaying opening until 10am but then eventually posted a message that we would have the whole day off.  It was 27deg when I went out, but it just felt good to GET out.  I even managed to get to the oil change place (that was open) and due to the weather I was pretty much the only one there.  Was glad to get that out of the way as I had been putting it off for like a month.

After returning from my run this morning I finally put the Garmin on the cradle and the splits from the AHM last weekend are finally downloaded.

Mile 1: 10:08
Mile 2: 10:04
Mile 3: 9:40
Mile 4: 9:57
Mile 5: 10:10
Mile 6: 9:53
Mile 7: 10:21
Mile 8: 10:15
Mile 9: 10:15
Mile 10: 10:10
Mile 11: 10:14
Mile 12: 10:29
Mile 13: 10:06
.26: 9:35

Overall I am pleased with these.  Considering the conditions and the unbelievable crowds I had to weave in and out of.  Again I am just thrilled about the fact that I held it together mentally through all of that.  That was my #1 goal.  Not to mentally 'check out'.  Obviously this is much slower than my last 3 half marathons (not counting the Sugarland debacle; not counting THAT one in the 3 :) but it is what it is. 

Now I am just trying to decide whether or not I want to do a half marathon at the end of March.  The one I wanted to do conflicts with a club/points race which is the day before.  I will make that decision this week at some point as the half I want to do usually sells out.

Have a great weekend!  I am just looking forward to the 60 degree weather we are supposed to get tomorrow!!!  I am so ready for winter to be O.V.E.R.

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Karen said...

Way to get in your run in what was icy nasty weather! Today its 66 degrees here...pretty crazy considering we just had freezing rain like 2 days ago?!