Tuesday, February 1, 2011

F. U. Mother Nature and the Storm You Rode In On!

This morning when I woke up it was 70 deg at 6am.
By the time I went to work an hour and a half later it was 55.
Now its 6pm and its 32deg outside with a wind chill of 21.
Tomorrow morning the actual is supposed to be 22, with wind chills in the teens.

Um.  Yeah.  This is Houston, Texas!

And its supposed to be this way through Saturday with a 60% chance of SNOW Thursday night and Friday!


Needless to say I ran on the treadmill after work.  Just did 35 min easy then busted out a leg workout with a bit of upper body work (most back and biceps).  Something I havent done in quite some time.  I suspect sore legs tomorrow.

Yesterday I was off work, and hit up hot yoga noon class to stretch out the hams and the quads from the race on Sunday.  Was still a bit sore this morning which is why I opted not to run (in the warmth by the way), and skipped my normal hot yoga Tuesday afternoon class.

Since I have opted to do the Texas Independence Relay the weekend of March 4th, there really isnt much time to 'rest'.  I've got the training plan in place, so there will be some 2 a day runs, along with a couple of 3 runs within 36 hours to give me some sense of running on tired legs.  The only thing I wont be simulating is the sleep deprivation and the bad road trip food.  And the no showering thing.  Should be interesting but I am looking forward to it!

Now I have got to get this house warm somehow!!!

Is it cold where you are????


Kate said...

It was in the 60s today here in San Diego. By Friday it will be back in the 70s. I am from Chicago though, so I have been inundated with SNOWMAGEDON texts, facebook posts and phone calls. So glad I moved....

misty said...

Wind chill in Shreveport this morning=6 degrees. I thought the upside to putting up with 100+ degree summers were mild winters!

Junie B said...

yeah it was 10deg feels like at my house when i woke up this morning. needless to say i stayed in bed and didnt even want to get up to do my JM Yoga Meltdown dvd before work! screw that! :)

Nicole C. said...

BRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I was on the treadmill at the gym when we lost power!

elf said...

It's 22 right now. About average. Good running weather... :-)

Jim said...

I just had to tell you how your post title made me laugh. Thanks