Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies!

I think its a given that I consider myself a 'cinema-phile', and I go to the movies a lot.  Although I havent been in a couple of weeks just because nothing is out that I want to see that I havent already seen (although I would like to go see Black Swan again, just havent done it; maybe this coming weekend)...anywaaaaaaaaaaay...while the majority of the Superbowl commercials were lost on me (I dont eat Doritos, I dont drink gross Bud Light, and I am not in the market for a new car (all of these were just overexposed if you ask me), I did enjoy all the upcoming movie trailers!  Transformers, Thor, Captain America and last but not least the new Fast/Furious where they are bringing back Paul Walker and Vin Diesel!  Yes!  The sequels to the original were just blech.  While none of these are cinematic gold, I do enjoy these types of movies a lot.  The only one I was like 'huh?' on was the Steven Spielberg movie; something with an 8 in it.  I will have to wait and see more of that trailer before considering.  :)

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, then I find out the following:  First of all I am currently reading The Carrie Diaries (story of Carrie Bradshaw in high school pre-SATC/NYC days), and this morning I find out that a new movie Summer in the City is going to be made; about the Summer before Carrie becomes ... well ... Carrie.  The book I am reading now is already alluding to the days leading up to when she moves to the Big Apple, where already her dreams of being an aspiring writer in NYC is in full bloom in her mind and dreams.  Its also rumored Blake Lively would play the young Carrie Bradshaw.  While I dont watch Gossip Girl, I admit, Blake would be the obvious choice and perfect.

Then I also see that apparently another prequel is in the works that will chronicle how the Wizard of Oz became the Wizard of Oz.  Apparently RDJ was to play him, but has since dropped and now James Franco is on board.  I am not really a James Franco fan persay, but I do think he is attractive in some weird way, and after seeing him in bits and pieces of a Dateline special about the guy that 127 Hours was made about, well, lets just say I had some vivid dreams about Mr. Franco on Sunday night.  Now I loooooooooove WoO and read a few of the books that were 'prequels' and saw the Broadway show and all while in NYC, and I loooooooooooooooved it, but a movie solely about WoO?  I dont know...

I always love Spring/Summer because so many good movies come out!  Its looking to be the same this year!  Get your popcorn ready!!!!!!!!!!

Do you go to the movies a lot?  What movies are you looking forward to? 


I did get my 2nd run in yesterday afteroon.  I must admit, I had my doubts if I would actually do it.  It wasnt as windy as I thought it was going to be but it was still cold out (boooooooooo!) but at least there was sunshine.  I had read online yesterday about 2 a days and how they arent really recommended for the most part, recovery and stuff like that...more geared towards us mortals I guess; but I figured with just a month of it, and with minimal mileage each time ...anyway basically it says to take one of those runs easier than the other.  So not knowing how I was actually going to feel on the 2nd four miler of the day, I was going to wear the Garmin and do 7/1's.  Yeah, that didnt work out.  My dang watch wasnt charged even though I know I had charged it.  I think its about to crap out after almost 3 years.  I did get it charged up though once I got home, I just had to keep making sure it was securely on the cradle.  Thats the problem really I think, its not connecting to it without some effort and I have to keep checking it.  :O(

So that just means I ran the 4 miles easy and because I thought I was going to be using the Garmin for intervals I hadn't worn my music.  This probably ended up being a good thing because I tend to just normally run faster when donning the tunes.

I was actually surprised at how OK I felt after I got going.  I did take it easy but slowly started getting 'faster' without even realizing it and before I knew it I was less than a mile from home! 

I fully expected to feel like crap this morning, but nope.  All is well.  But glory be to God that my calendar only has HY on it for today.  Hot yoga.  Ah how I have missed you! 

And I will not miss not running today not one little bit :O)


TX Runner Mom said...

I love movies! I'm looking forward to Water for Elephants (I'm reading it now) and The Help. I had no idea about the SATC prequel books - guess it's time to bust out the B&N giftcard and get'em on the Nook!!! BTW, had the same problem with the Garmin awhile back - I ended up having to trade mine in for a refurbished one from Garmin. I think it was something like $80, although I think now you can almost buy a new one for that much.

Junie B said...

Water for Elephants is a maybe for me (saw the trailer at the movies). Had not heard of The Help, but just went and looked on amazon.

I have just a bit more to go on The Carrie Diaries, then I will start Same Kind of Different as Me. I also heard The Room is a definite must read.

I am almost done with 3 books since Christmas; more than I read all of last year :/ Love my Kindle! its typically in my purse at all times.

misty said...

I'm really more of a rent and watch it at home person. I like movies, but when they're bad I walk out. I always feel like I'm throwing $12 away and I'm super cheap.

We just watched Winter's Bone which was a very good movie but way too intense to watch again. I've had creepy dreams for a week! The King's Speech is up next

Anonymous said...

True Grit was the last movie at the theater that I saw.

Because I watch almost no live tv, I rarely know what's out or coming out.