Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 1 (January 10th) Weight Loss:  3 lbs
Week 2 (January 17th) Weight Loss: 2.51 lbs
Week 3 (January 24th)  No weigh in
Week 4 (January 31st)  1 lb gain.  Not surprised as this was day after a race/longer run (13.1 miles) and I generally tend to weigh a bit more due to extra fluid intake.  Plus it was T.O.M.
Week 5 (February 7)  No change.  Again not surprised as I ate a bit more (and later) than normal yesterday.  I plan on weighing again on Wednesday (maybe) to get a more accurate reading. 

I am not going to lie, this has me a bit peeved.  I feel and look smaller and I know that should count for something, but my tendencies have my mind needing the scale to move.  Hopefully this week.  If not, its time for another detox (next Mon-Wed) to get the ball rolling again.  I want to be at (or close to) pre-Chicago weight by TIR.

Did you overindulge for Superbowl?


I did not get up yesterday morning in time to run before I had to start caring for Mom, and by the time I got back to Houston, and did grocery shopping, I just wanted to chill before the game came on.  So I took yesterday off instead of the scheduled 4 miles I was going to do.  I hadnt had a day off since the Saturday before the half marathon, so I figure it was ok.  :O)

This morning, cold and windy again, but I got myself out the door for 4 miles before work.  This afternoon it will be another 4 miles in what they say is to be even windier conditions.  I pondered bringing my gym bag and just doing them on the treadmill, but eh, I just don't feel like doing the treadmill any more than I feel like I need to.  Plus its not like I am going to have a choice in the matter should unflattering weather pop up during the Texas Independence Relay.

Oh and I DID get out and run that little 3 miler later on in the afternoon on Saturday up at the fam's.  Was very windy, and I forgot about the little dips and hills out there.  I also made the mistake of running on what use to be such a quiet little FM (road).  Probably not my smartest move ever, but I didnt get hit by a car/truck so there was that :O)  So I ended up with 9 miles for the day on Saturday.  Legs felt a bit like lead but I think had it not been so windy and I hadnt been so worried about getting hit by a car, it wouldnt have been so bad :O)...I just had to run a bit faster and more effort than I really cared to.  :O)


Anonymous said...

I did eat potato chips and meatballs from a bag, that I never do! LOL

Junie B said...

meatballs in a bag? I never heard of such a thing! :O)

I at least took the chips out of the bag to have an alloted amount, but then I went back a couple of times. Oops! AND I had queso. queso=no bueno. :O)

That was really the only bad thing for me. Chips and the queso. All that salt didnt help me any thats fo sho!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are eating enough?

I know it's silly, but I had issues with not eating enough with my level of activity when I was trying to lose. For a normal person who doesn't workout like us it was fine, but for me, I had problems. I started eating more and the scale started moving again.

Junie B said...

Melissa: Definitely. I am tracking (writing down) everything I eat from morning to night and there is enough food no doubt.

I just need to be more vigilant I guess and quit cheating from time to time :)