Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texas As a Frozen Tundra? STOOPID.

This weather is really messing with my work outs!
I ended up back in the gym yesterday (with VERY sore calves I might add; so much so that I didnt even know if I was going to be able to run to begin with)
However, I started out with just walking for a few minutes, and slowly started cranking up the speed.
I managed 45 minutes which is really all I wanted so I felt good about that I did it with the soreness from the previous days leg beating I gave myself!
Then I hit up a few machines for some upper body work and called it a day.

Today is hot yoga day, but I fear due to the impending weather, they might close early!?!??!  I certainly  hope the precip holds off until after the 4:30 class!  Otherwise I guess I will have to do some DVD's unless I feel like its safe enough for me to get a run in outside (I didnt bring clothes for the gym; besides they would probably close early too if the weather even gets a bit bad)

Here is our weather for the next couple of days!  I gotta say to all you Northern'ers that read this and laugh, just know that this is SE Texas and we are not use to this kind of cold (no more than you can tolerate 100 deg temps with humidity in the 90's every single day for 4-5 months! etc.,  :O) therefore it creates havoc amongst the natives!!!  

They are also saying an accumulation of up to 1/2 inch of ice on top of the 1-3 inches of snow, which they say will indeed begin sticking immediately.
At least its probable I wont have to come in to work and I just hope that I can get a run in in the snow tomorrow (depending on the ice factor on the roads)
Stay warm and stay classy!


Anonymous said...

The snow pouring down on the US is BANANAS! We just got through a freezing spell.. I mean below freezing!

Junie B said...

yeah its actually been colder than those temps since Monday. Right now its actually 26deg out with a wind chill of 19. I doubt very seriously we make those temps, but I was more referring to the snow and ice we are supposed to get. Crazy I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

I think we are getting colder temps, but ya'll are supposed to get more ice and snow.

All I know is I need a friggin break from work and the only way i'm going to get it is if it snows and they cancel it. Even then, i'll likely have to work from home.