Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh thank you for Friday!  SRD!!!  I needed a break man!  Last night I went to YBC for 90 minutes of sweatin' good fun with Gayle (my faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite instructor) for some hot, hot yoga, and boy was it HOT in there fo sho last night!  Seemed more humid but that typically happens whenever there are more people there; and I just love it when she puts the temp up to around 120! 

Usually not crowded at the 4:30 practice(s) but this week, both on Tuesday and yesterday they were.  I was just so glad Gayle was back and also that a certain someone was there again last night...We'll just leave it at that for now, but at least I wasn't a complete boob last night and the conversation didn't make me feel like I was a 13 year old school girl :O)

I am still having issues with my 'hover' (issues = I cant get closer to the ground than maybe 8 inches?  guessing at that; I have no idea, I just know its not 3 inches!) but at least I am really good at chatarunga pushups!  Eventually my 'hover' 3 inches off the floor will happen!  I just know it!  And if ever there comes a day that I dont actually hate half moon ... I love every pose... but man how I loathe half moon.  I don't know why, I just do.  Even balancing stick, as hard as that makes me want to puke and my heart beat out of my chest, I would rather do that over and over again rather than 2 sets of half moon poses...

OK all you yogi's out there!  What pose do you just absolutely loathe?

Tomorrow morning?  10 mile run with Kenyan Way!  Whoop!


This part of the entry isn't going to make much sense, so that I will tell you right now.  However something has been in my head since Saturday...something my sister said to me; well actually it wasnt to me exactly, she was telling a story to me in the middle of a very grown up conversation about life (and where we were in all of that). 

At the moment she said it, I sat there, dumbfounded.  Speechless really.  I didn't know what to say to her ... so I said nothing.

She was telling the story of the time where she was, at the time the President of the bank, and they had just been bought out and after a bit of time she was called upstairs by whoever it was and was then told that she was being demoted, less money, less responsibility etc.

As she sat there she said, I was obviously upset, but I didnt cry.  I just sat there digesting it.  I got up, walked around the conference room a few times while the lady just watched her (expecting my sister to freak out).  And she kinda wanted to she said (you have to know my sister).

After a few moments, she stopped, looked at the woman dead in the eye and said:

Sister: That's fine.  We're good.
Lady:  What?
Sister: We're good.
Lady: What do you mean? (clearly dumbfounded and probably thinking my sister was one of the calm people that was going to come back after lunch and shoot the place up)
Sister:  I have lost a child to a horrific accident.  He died.  My child died.  There is nothing, NOTHING, you or anyone can do to me that is worse than that.  This job?  Its just that.  A job.

The lady had no idea what to do with that information.  My sister went on to still work there for many years, always outselling everyone in that bank and amongst all the other branches.  BTW, my nephew was killed (in a 1 car accident) just a couple months shy of his 21st birthday :(

Today my sister is the President of another bank, and still grieves for her lost son.  Just recently that woman contacted my sister and told her that on that day, her words changed the way she looked at life.  She left the bank that had given her crap for so long after she realized it just wasn't worth it anymore.

What did it do for me (not just that particular part of the conversation but the overall content)?

It just solidified to me that a) my sister and I are finally close again and that I love, respect and look up to her and b) that the changes I have made in my life not only make me proud, but my sister is proud of me too. 

The way she looks at me says it all.

I don't know why I keep remembering the conversation overall and particularly that part...I guess because in my life I have had some pretty awful things happen to me (awful in my context)...awful is relative I suppose...and I kept trying to think of what the worst thing was and how I could apply that whenever something went wrong or didn't go exactly the way I had wanted it, that it just wasn't that bad you know?  My overall take on life in general has already changed so much but still there are those days...  :O)

Anyway I just felt like I needed to share this for whatever reason.  Sometimes I think I am crazy.



K said...

You are not crazy. Thank you for sharing this.
Growing up has it's good times too...and this was one of them. (although, I still want to be a kid!! LOL)

Enjoy your run tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you.

TX Runner Mom said...

So glad you shared this, reading it I teared up. So true - gotta think about what REALLY matters in life!