Monday, February 14, 2011

60 Minutes - Overtime (and Jay Leno)

The story behind the making of the 60 Minutes Lady Gaga interview (aired last night).
For some reason I cannot embed the actual video on blogger right now...its been happening a lot and makes me snarl :O)

I really couldn't care less what anyone says or thinks about her, I have seen enough personal interviews with her to make the opinion myself and actually open my mind up to her story, why she does what she does, what she's put up with, and yes, the truth behind each and every 'costume'.  Believe it or not, there is a reason and a message for every single one of them.  Its mostly though, at the end of the day, to be a distraction so that people will focus on that and not her personally; maintaining a sense of privacy if you will.  And she is talented beyond crazy, classically trained pianist, etc. not to mention the fact that when it comes to socialogy I can't think of anyone that has more to offer in her take on people in general and honestly how fake we really all are (some more than others).

And I love what she has mentioned about her past drug use (cocaine) and her current drug use (pot); The difference between her and all the other artists?  She doesn't lie about it.


I am unable to actually drill down to the actual Anderson Cooper interview that was aired last night; you can see it, however no easy way to do so without going through 60 Minutes and fast forwarding through and it makes you listen to commercials if you try and FF too far at one time :O)  It is as 43:02 for anyone who cares.

Her story and how she feels about life and how it was actually meant to be lived is simple.  Its apparent in her speeches at her concerts (I cried at one point when I went to see her because yes, I felt like she was talking to me).  Because certain songs of hers can be construed (and most times are) as anthems to GL etc. community, most are generic and can be applied to most of us (people just hear what they want to hear so they can try and make her into some idiot only to fail).   And speaking of that; Who are we as a people when pleasure is taken from not only wishing, but dying to see someone/anyone fail.  Are we that insecure and selfish?  I believe so.  She speaks of this in the 60 minutes interview (and actually that part is in the Overtime segment as well)

Are you that person?  You're a liar if you say no.  At least 98 out of 100 people I know are, so it's ok.

Her recent single "Born This Way" while yes seems to be GL driven, it also hits home with me, in just accepting who I am, who I have always been, but because of so many reasons, I too, was fake. 

And so like Gaga, I am who I am and honestly if someone doesn't like it, thats their problem. 
I'm on the right track baby, baby I was Born This Way.
sidenote:  one of my favorite parts is when she first walks in and Cooper asks about what she's wearing (which isnt much) and she's just like: I really didn't want to wear clothes today.  I just felt like putting nothing on except my McQueen boots.
I took pleasure in this because of late, its been something I have been working towards: not doing crap I don't freakin' want to do.  So dumb.  Yet everyone does it!  And we make fun of those that don't?  Who's got it right here and who's got it wrong?

And I fell asleep on the couch, but for whatever reason woke up just as LGG was coming onto the Jay Leno show.   This was indeed a great interview I thought!

Gaga on Jay Leno (3 parts)

Really you should watch.

And because I probably ruffled some feathers (which I never really want to do (to most) because I guess I hold a higher standard on these celebrities!) on Sunday re: Miranda Lambert and that AWFUL choice of a dress she chose for her performance, this is for you.  First off, there is nothing wrong with embracing your curves or whatthefuckever.  I get that.  I have friends that do that; they dress appropriately (and look fantastic by the way)...although some people I would like to pistol whip because less is NOT more when you have MORE...just sayin'...anyhoohoo...

Embracing your curves means dressing for your body type and not being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone AS LONG AS IT LOOKS GOOD...

However when you are a bit on the chunkier side (been there myself) you choose appropriately.  You wear something FLATTERING.  Not a full on sequined mini-dress WITHOUT Spanx (the dress was bunching up for Gods sake) and if you have big ta-ta's then wear a dress with straps!! 

Why oh why she didn't wear what she wore on the red carpet I dont know...
Here she is looking FANTASTIC on the carpet before the show (who cares if its been photoshopped?  Every picture you see has been for the most part; get real people), and because of what she chose, she actually appears to be in better shape.  She has always battled her weight (welcome to the club) so choosing what works for her is key IMHO.  At least this fits better, lengthens her AND has a strap to hold up the boobage.


I cannot find a decent picture of her on stage during her performance but she looked ridiculous. 
Probably why I can't find any.

And I won't apologize for speaking my mind either.  See above in the Gaga section.

p.s. This was tweeted by E!:
Think sparkly dresses are an appropriate choice for an awards show? Think again. The fembot number worn by Miranda Lambert (Female Country Vocal) practically blinds us when one of its blasted sparkles hits the light.

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