Monday, February 14, 2011

Do You Know the Way to San Jose? May...I am going to Cali to visit my friend Lisa!!  AND we're going to run a little race that's been around for 100 years...that's totally crazy and fun!

Beer Aid Stations?  Yep.
I am going to run the oh so popular Bay to Breakers!!!  Its a 12K, which I can do in my sleep, except in my sleep there are no hills...I might need to see a course map or something!  But really this race is just a bookend to what will be a great 5 day getaway in wine country!   She lives right smack dab in the middle of it (and I've seen pictures of her house and the view) so I am super excited!

Course Description:
The historic Bay to Breakers is a USA Track and Field Certified 12k (7.46 miles).
From sea level at the Embarcadero the course rises steeply along the Hayes Street Hill. Around the 2.5-mile mark runners climb an 11.15% grade between Fillmore Street and Steiner Street.

The remainder of the course gradually flows downhill alongside the Panhandle through Golden Park to the Finish Line at the Great Highway. 

The race itself, if you google it, along with Bay to Breakers training plans, you will be amused.  It does draw very fast runners (my Coach runs it almost every year), but its really about the spectacle of it all, complete with 'centipede' (we have a similar race here with centipedes); outrageous costumes and debauchery!  While I do take my races a bit more serious, I do fully intend to go out there, run with Lisa in whatever outfits/theme we come up with and just have a ball!  And if you google Bay to Breakers race photos, you are going to see a lot of nudity.  Just a warning!  Naked running?  Sign me up!  :O)  I obviously am not going to post any of the naked running photos, but I am a little surprised at a) how many people run this naked and b) that they are allowed to!!

We will definitely have the sex factor going!
I registered on Saturday, but because I registered so late (it sells out quickly) I had to get in a corral that is much slower pace than what we plan on, but thats ok.  We can make up the time along the way if we choose to!  And who is to say we can't manuever our way into the 10:00 pace corral (which is where we wanted to start) anyway on race day!

And wow, I love this look!


TX Runner Mom said...

That race sounds fun! Hey, any excuse to enjoy the wine country! :-)

saroy said...

I ran Bay to Breakers way back in 2002 when I lived out there. It was a blast. Though I did not run naked. ;)

It's definitely one of those races where you should forget about time and just enjoy the atmosphere!

K said...

This looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

have fun! looks like a really good time!