Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Cooking Experiment "Dos"

Well for some reason my pictures of my 2nd little experiment disappeared.  :O(  I would have been a bit more peeved had it been something elaborate but alas, all I was doing was attempting to roast chickpeas. 

The 'recipe' I followed was easy.  Drain the chickpeas (canned), dump in a bowl and cover with vinegar.  Set in refrigerator for overnight.

When I got home, I drained them again, scattered in a baking pan, drizzled with EVOO, salt and cayenne.  Yes I put cayenne on and in just about everything.  :)

Bake at 440 (which I turned down to 400 because I heard too much 'popping' going on in there and I was afraid of an oven fire or something!), for about 20-25 minutes, shaking the pan every 10 min or so to 'turn' the c'peas.  I think one should just eye those suckers because depending on the oven you could end up with burnt chickpeas.
While they tasted yummy right out of the oven (after cooling just slightly), I had done this to have to put on salads and such, which I did the next day.

Me no likey.  I guess I am just going to enjoy my chickpeas the old fashioned way.  Plain and right out of the can.

The next item, while not really ambitious or anything, its just something I see Julie over at PBFingers eat a lot of the time, and I have been meaning to just try it.

Simple really.  A bagel thin, a thin application of crunchy peanut butter, a bit of granola and sliced apple!  This is what I had for breakfast this morning (along with the remainder of the apple) and it was la-la-licous!

I will definitely be doing this easy as (apple) pie little gem over and over.  It tasted so good to me that it put me in a good mood!  How fun is that?

I have a new recipe I will be trying this weekend.  Hopefully this time I don't 'lose' the photographs!!!


Last night was 90 min of hot yoga and it felt so good to be back!  The weather last week just ruined everything!  I had a bit of nausea throughout and even afterwards, but I am chalking that up to either not drinking enough during the day and during class .. or something.  I dont know but it kinda sucked.  The class was still ok (substitute instructor that I didnt care for); I was just happy to be back in there!  The weather has turned horrible again here:  raining, windy, cold and 2 more nights of below freezing temperatures.  That means I didnt run this morning, and I will be doing all my miles on the treadmill tonight, along with some serious weights.


Mel said...

The apple-wich looks GOOD! I love PB and apples together, eat them almost daily! My mom adores apple-wiches with Swiss laughing cow (she hates PB)

I like chickpeas plain and roasted. But the roasted ones aren't near as good when they aren't hot. I never did the vinegar thing, I've done them before with EVOO and ranch powder though.

Get Healthy with Heather said...

I love roasted chickpeas! I add ketchup to my marinade and it gives the roasted chickpeas a nice sweet glaze. So good :)

Charlotte said...

I had way bad luck making roasted chickpeas too! Didn't like them at all. Your applewich looks delish though!