Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Paleo) Green Deviled Eggs

This morning I took off on my bike to ride the 8 miles to the Picnic Loop to meet up with NC and a couple of other girls from TriGirl.  They wanted to do 10 miles around the loop (each loop is one mile), and well, that means I would end up with close to 26 for the day.

I took the long way to avoid going over the TCJ bridge (save the sciatic which is MEAN in the mornings), so thats why it was 8 miles.  Probably 2 miles longer I guess.  Probably.  My odometer read 25.47 miles when I got back home.

Anyway when NC got there she had done boot camp, gone to a transition clinic at TOTR, so she opened up her trusty little Paleo ice cooler and shared a Green Deviled Egg with me.  It was so yummy that I had to make them.


Start by mashing up one (large) avocado.  I also added minced garlic, and some green onion


Slice the eggs in half, and dump the yolks in with the avocado.  Then smash it all up.
Making it pretty is optional :)  Clearly I didn't care since it wasn't for a party or anything

Fill the egg whites, sprinkle with paprika or other spice.  I used cayenne.  :)


Mel said...

I need to make those, they look SO good and I love eggs and avocado :-)

Nicole said...

I'm going to go broke on eggs and avocado. Well, more broke since I already spend at least $10 a week on the two. I looooove them.