Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey - My Thoughts

Today you get a frivolous post about nothing pertaining to healthy food or fitness.  Change of pace if you will.

But hey, isn't great sex part of living a healthy (and happy) life!!!

So.  I finished this yesterday.

I read it about 5 days.

And that was all during work hours.  Oh wait, last Sunday I took it with me to the gym.  Thats the fastest those 20 min increments on various cardio devices I have ever done.

This book has been all over different local and national news.

Even Dateline this coming Friday is doing a piece on BDSM and that its more mainstream than you think.

The question is also being asked:  Do we women love our porn as much as the dudes?

And let me be clear about one opinion I have:  This IS porn.  Soft porn?  Hard porn?  I don't know, but its some kind of porn.  Depending on your own thoughts in general.  I would have to say somewhere in the middle.

And no way would I ever ever ever ever consider this a romance novel.  Any time I hear someone say that I bust out laughing.

There were a few times in the book, while I am not unaware of (most) things of sexual nature, even I was like whooooa...

My ex:  John...he was into some of what is talked about in this book between Christian and Anatasia, and we dabbled here and there; and then later in life, I would become introduced to other not your run of the mill 'life' situations... So again, I'm not immune, nor was I shocked by any of it.

What I was was continually hot and bothered!  Not ashamed to say it either.

I am of the thinking that unless you are dead, this book is going to do wonders for a persons sex life.  At least for the period of time it takes a woman to read it...and thankfully for the men out there, there are 3 books  :O)

There were times I found myself thinking of Christian while I was at home after reading off and on all day.  I totally fell into the trap, and almost immediately had already conjured up in mind what he looked like.  Of course E.L. James does a great job of describing him more than once through out the book, which helps with that.

Even now I can totally picture him.


So which brings me to the fact that yes they are talking of making the movie. First off I already know unless that go full throttle and make this an NC17 rating, I won't pay to see it (I don't think).  If you take out all the sex, nudity and what-not...well I am just afraid Hollywood will turn it into some nonsense rom-com. 

And this is NOT romantic.  Nor is it comedic.  And I would even go so far as to say its not drama.

Its.  Porn.  :O)  The good kind. 

I bought Fifty Shades: Darker yesterday, but I haven't started it yet.  I was taken aback by how the first book ended...was not expecting that at all. 

Additionally I was trying to think that whoever plays Christian is going to have to fit what I think Christian would look like.

Here are the choices I think for actors who could pull Christian more ways that one.  :O)

Johnny Depp...although he is a bit too old but could probably pull it off.  Plus I think he's probably kinky sex like in real life, making him totally believable as Christian.

Ryan Gosling.  Eh.  Not dark enough, not broody enough..He would need more scruff, but totally has the body to pull off Christian.  He was pretty darn gruff in 'Drive'.  If you haven't seen it, do.  But be warned its graphic and violent.

Justin Timberlake.  Not really I guess.  Unless he has some MAD acting skills we haven't seen yet.  And I wouldnt want him to pick Fifty Shades as the movie to try them out on.

aaaaand then ....  if I had my way...I think Ian Somerhalder is THE.  PERFECT.  ACTOR.  EVER.  TO.  PLAY.  CHRISTIAN.

Seriously, if you have read the book(s), tell me you don't agree with me.....  :)  I think the 3 photos I have picked below capture Christian's (few) sides in the book.


TX Runner Mom said...

I am 1/2 way through the 2nd book and it seems to be less about sex and more about their relationship. But trust me, there is still a lot of sex. Nightline referred to it as "Mommy Porn", which made me crack up laughing. I agree that it would be impossible to make these books into a movie without making it completely different. But, I do like your pick for Christian!

TX Runner Mom said...

BTW, did you see JT in Alpha Dog. Very distrubing!

JunieB said...

I have not seen Alpha Dog. I have thought about it a few times, but never end up renting it.

TX Runner Mom said...

JT definitely shows he can act in it, but I think I like Ian better for Fifty.