Monday, May 7, 2012

Sciatic Nerve (Injury Update)


Stupid sciatic nerve.

Whilst the back pain is completely gone, the sciatic is still pinched, inflamed, or whatever it is and its annoying!!!

Its worse when I first get out of bed in the morning as I've been sleeping and it gets tight obviously.

The pain is worse in my ass and I haven't had much, if at all, pain in my leg.  Sometimes it feels like it is right at the upper thigh/meets my butt area, but its minor and doesn't usually last long.

Thankfully, as I said, the back pain itself is completely gone, which is awesome because laying down (sleeping) is so much easier since before even the slightest move would wake me up due to pain.  One other good thing is that ibuprofen does make the sciatic pain subside, but my chiro doesn't really want me taking it if at all possible.  So I take the minimum amount to take the edge off.

On Saturday while I was waiting for NC et al to arrive at the picnic loop, I tried to run a few strides.  Ha!  Not even.  This is still the case this morning.  

Yesterday I went to the gym for an hour worth of cardio only even though I felt good enough to do weights, I wanted to give the back another full day of non-pain.  Incidentially yesterday was the first day with ZERO back pain!  I was SO excited when I woke up and figured that out!

I did 20min each on the bike, the elliptical and the treadmill.  Today I am going to throw in some weights work again finally...I am trying desperately not to gain weight, but in just 3 short weeks I have lost all that I had worked towards and find myself 'soft' again...ugh.  When this pain is finally gone, I am going to have to start all over frustrating.  Its been 2 years since I wasn't able to run (stress fracture) and it just sucks....I had forgotten how much it sucks...then I couldn't run for over 2 months, so this is (hopefully) minor in comparison, but still...

Going to call at 9 when Dr. opens to get an appointment for a treatment and adjustment for this afternoon.

Onward and forward we go....

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