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Reebok Studio Lite Max - CrossFit Trainers

First things first...lets get caught up... (if you just want the deets on the shoes, then scroll down).

Thursday:  20 min bike, 20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical
2000m row 
1 hour on weights, which included actually being able to do lunges, KB goblet squats, and deadlifts.  I went light on the weights during those, only 10lb KB and then 20lbs on the deadlifts.  I just wanted the stretch and the movement and to get a workout in the legs.  There was no pain, but I had taken an Aleve a few hours earlier so that explains that.

My back (disc), and my sciatic are under control thank God, but my left piriformis was still way angry the next morning.  It seems to get more aggravated through the day due to sitting on it and even though I get up at least a couple of times an hour, still...

I really pounded on my biceps, back, triceps and shoulders during that hour.

Friday: When I woke up, my piriformis sure let me know it was still there and angry, but nothing an Aleve doesn't help.  However what really got sore through the day were my legs, but I sure didnt mind!  It was great to feel that soreness again only working out with weights will give you.

So after work I hit the gym and settled on just an hour walk on the treadmill, but not just any walk on the treadmill.  That just won't do.  :)

I had a 10lb plate and then 2 3lb hand weights.  I wanted to do more on the plate, but I was too wonky on there with the 10lb weight, anything more I sure would have lost my balance.

So I took it every other song alternating between holding the 10lb plate above my head (yes, arms extended up), and then the next song I would throw the plate down, grab the 2 baby hand weights and either just walk with them, or do overhead presses or front shoulder/chest raises.

Today (Saturday):  Nada.  Resting the piriformis completely.  It had also stormed all night, was still raining when I got up, so I knew for sure I wouldnt be riding today, which actually was a blessing in disguise.  As I am typing this, its actually beginning to really feel so much better and I haven't had an Aleve since 6am  :O)


 Studio Lite Max 
I guess its been 8 months or so ago, I was contacted by Reebok to see if I would be interested in receiving, testing and reviewing their products.  

After you agree, and you give them your activitie(s) of choice, periodically they will email you if they have a product that fits you.  At first, when I was 'just' a runner, I always received emails for running shoes.
Studio Lite Max

I haven't done the review here on the blog for the last pair of running shoes I tested for them, but I did road test them and provide feedback to them.

For your time and effort, you then can be compensated in a number of ways, one being to request the test shoes back.  You have to send them off with all your notes and then they will send them back to you.  Since the running shoes I tested were not my cup of tea, I opted for a track suit.

I was then contacted again after the Houston Marathon to test out another pair of running shoes, however the miles and hours they wanted on them per week was not something I was prepared to commit to.

I responded to their request letting them know that I had incorporated CrossFit into my regime and would be a better candidate should they have a need for testers for CrossFit shoes.

Reebok just recently laid their name onto the CrossFit arena and are one of the top manufacturers for CrossFit and cross training shoes in general.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted and I ended up with the Studio Lite Max CrossFit Trainer.

 I love love love these shoes!  I had been wearing either my NB Minimus or my Nike Free's to CrossFit, but to be honest I always felt "off".  Its important to have really great stability when doing CrossFit.  You certainly should NEVER wear running shoes as they are built to make you go 'forward'.  Something you never want in CrossFit due to lifting high weight for one thing.

The first time I wore these, the WOD had a run in it and I will say that at first it was weird running in these, but the next time it was awesome.

They are extremely light and feel really 'plastic-y' which kind of turned me off at first, but I got use to that especially the way they felt when working out.

I felt more stable on the floor which is always a great thing.

The only negative I gave these shoes in my feedback to Reebok was that I thought they should throw some color either on the body or the sole.  Especially for the girl version.  I didn't like the all black with only the splash of pink up top.  :O)

I sent them back with my results and thoughts with the request that my compensation be that they return the test shoes to me.  I HATED sending them back!  

Its been a few weeks now since I returned them so I am hoping they show back up on my doorstep soon!

Two thumbs up Reebok!

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