Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Race That Wasn't - TriGirl Triathlon and Duathlon

Well one of the reasons that I took yesterday off, even from the bike was because of this:

Even last night as I went to bed, I didn't know if I was going to go through with it or not.  I had my bike loaded and everything.

Taking off yesterday was probably the best decision ever, even if when I got up this morning at 4:15am, I called it.

While I felt a lot better, the big picture was what kept flashing before my eyes.

My initial thought leading up to this morning is that I would simply walk the run portions (I was signed up for the duathlon).

But then with input from others that helped me see the light, I knew that for the long term the best thing for me to do was just sit it out.

I purposely left my chip and my bib number here at the house as I headed out at 5am to go meet up with all my friends (many doing their first tri or du).  I knew that if I took those things with me, I would have probably ended up going through with it.  The atmosphere is very, very contagious!

Even the walking and riding would have set me back and I know this.  Was it worth it?

I decided no, it wasn't.

I miss running and CrossFit so much that if I had to sit out any longer due to my pride, I would have just been that much more mad at myself.

So I cheered on all my friends, and got to hang out with Deb who I havent seen in forEVER!  

PS: had I been signed up for the tri, I dont was cold, windy and very choppy water...lots of issues out there today especially with the first timers wave that went last...oy vay...

Hitting the gym later after working a last minute-ish shift at the Locker.



Adrienne said...

Good to see you out there supporting today! Heal up quick as I'm sure running and crossfit miss ya too:)

TX Runner Mom said...

To race or not to race is always a tough call. But, I know we both want to continue doing this stuff for years to come, so it's better to think long term. It definitely sounds like you made the right choice. The duathlons will always be there!