Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Injury Update

Well there hasn't been much to write about, even though I do have a few product reviews I need to do...but I just haven't gotten around to them.

Speaking of product reviews, my blog gets anywhere from 300-500 hits a day because of this product review.  I need to write Gatorade and tell them to send me some Gatorade Carb Energy Chews for a giveaway I guess!

So on Monday I went and had the first adjustment.  Things were OK that evening, and even Tuesday morning I could tell a difference.

The pain in my ass and in my upper thigh from the pinching of the nerve has completely gone away.  What hasn't gone away is the severe inflammation around the disc itself and this is the most painful.  I was unable to even lay on my back without propping that leg/knee up because the pressure was just too extreme.

Additionally whenever Aubrey (the on staff massage therapist) would even get close to it would bring me to tears.  You could actually see the inflammation around that area on my back:  puffiness and redness

Inflammation is the way the body is healing itself, and I get that, but damn Gina, could you hurry the fudge up already?  :O)

Yesterday I had scheduled a massage at Avalon (massage school and really cheap but good massages by interns), but it didn't go so well.

I have been there several times and its always been great.  On top of the limitations I had to set forth to begin with, I ended up with a not so great intern.  Thats the trade off; you just don't know...but like I said 1 out of 5 times is pretty good.  I just will request NOT to have Travis if I go back.

I feel kind of bad because he didn't have much to work with, and had to be extra careful with me, and probably what he did do, actually helped.  I don't know that for sure, or if the 800mg of ibuprofen I took last night along with constant off/on heat helped, but this morning I did wake up with less inflammation.  I was able to actually lay on my back with only mild pain.  Of course I had to slooooooooowly roll onto my back but I could do it!

I was not sure if I was imagining things, but when I went back today for another adjustment and Aubrey began to massage my back it was apparent that there was improvement.  She was able to rub my entire back (not with a lot of pressure in that one area, but still she was able to without me even flinching).

Yay for progress!!!

I am hoping that it wasn't just because it was morning and less movement all night = less inflammation, but I guess we'll know by this afternoon.

This is day 3 without any physical activity outside of normal everyday activity, and I am about to pull my hair out and throw my cat out the window.  I think me resting has helped so I just keep telling myself that.  I do intend to go back to the gym tomorrow for something.  Dr. Batterton said NO CrossFit for another week, and that anything non-impact should be fine but to listen to my body as I go along.

After Aubrey was done with me this morning, Dr. Batterton did the same adjustments she did the other day, and also did some 'traction' work with my neck.  That felt reeeeeally good actually.

I gotta tell ya, it feels good after she is done, and I can tell its working.  I have more sensitivity now in my back, as indicated by touch and by the simple fact that any BioFreeze type products I put on back there, and I have several brands, is that I can actually feel the effects whereas prior to Monday, I couldn't feel any cold/heat/tinglyness from any of them.

Again, yay for progress!!!

Tonight we add a warm jacuzzi to the agenda!!!


TX Runner Mom said...

Hooray for progress! Hope your back to your normal workout routine with just a little more rest!

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