Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chevron Houston Marathon - Aramco Houston Half Marathon - 2013

It's that time again!

Today is the first day of registration (guaranteed runners only)!

Guaranteed runners includes:  5+ year veterans, HARRA 500 spots (me), those who qualify with time for either a previous marathon, half marathon or 10K. Looking at the qualifying times...man those are pretty darn relaxed times, especially on the 10K...There are only so many slots available for the qualifying time slots, so if you have a qualifying time, you better get in there and register before they are all gone!

Anyway, early registration is open! open! open!  The lottery opens up on June 6, with the lottery drawing scheduled for June 25th.

I went ahead and grabbed my guaranteed spot from HARRA (I definitely racked up enough points with races, membership years, and my volunteering to get me in easy peasy).  

I don't know that I will actually run the marathon in 2013, or if I will defer to 2014.....

I can make that decision at a later date...like in August...and if I decide to, I can always switch my entry to the half marathon if I don't feel like deferring to 2014.

I said I wasn't going to run/train another full marathon for one year.  That would mean that I wouldn't be training this year for a January marathon now would I?



TX Runner Mom said...

Ack, now that I don't work for a sponsor of one of the races, I wonder if I will get in via the lottery? I am so undecided on whether or not I should even try to plan for it...it's all going to depend on this stupid ass hip!

Xaarlin said...

I didn't realize this race was so popular! Hmmm I might have to give it a thought if I don't burnout after my fall marathons :)

Junie B said...

OMG if you came to Houston, I would be happy! happy! happy! You have a place to stay!!!