Saturday, May 19, 2012


First, its been 2 days that I have had to take any sort of pain reliever when I get up in the morning!  Woohoo!

And today?

Well today, I ran.

Not fast and not far, but I still ran.

I set out on a 6 mile walk this morning, with plans to throw in some light running along the way.

The first couple of times I tried, I just went for like 30sec and it felt a bit ouchy, but after about 2 miles into the walk, things had loosened up enough to where I would just spot a target and say 'run to there, then walk'.  I kept this up numerous times and by the time I go to about 1 mile from home, I was running farther and farther with each time, and minimizing the walk time in between.

It was downright fabulous!!!

Will not attempt any more running until possibly Monday.

The true test will be how I feel tomorrow morning, although since I worked 8 hours on my feet today at the Locker it might not be that great of an indicator.

I am still hopeful that tomorrow morning I won't be any worse off than before I started my day today!

Planning on about 1.5 hours of weights tomorrow.

Today was a grrrrreat day indeed!

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